Snapchat is so dumb

  • Publicado el 26 feb 2021
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Comentarios • 9 407

  • Michael Thavis
    Michael Thavis Hace un año +67

    The guys videos he just complains about how dumb things are i’m starting to think he’s the dumb one

  • Omar Lasheen
    Omar Lasheen Hace un año +35

    watching drew, danny and kurtis feels like a cinematic universe where express vpn is the main character

  • Zekholgai
    Zekholgai Hace un año +4

    Imagine if Dennis was like a normal person and called the police despite the blackmail. The wife would have to explain herself in a court of law, and that would be some pretty wacky and hilarious antics.

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly Hace un año +4

    I like that Dennis uses his phone number to talk to his wife and Snapchat to talk to his lover. Like, did you guys just outright state people use this platform for cheating?????

  • Kelton
    Kelton Hace un año +809

    "Snapchat's content is so aggressively stupid that it makes me angry at every single person who has a hand in creating it." is def a quote to remember

  • JumbleJammyJokes
    JumbleJammyJokes Hace un año +1

    Wow that text story was so engaging, I completely forgot there was a dead drew on the floor the entire time!

  • Sagor Från Östergötland


  • Juju Espino
    Juju Espino Hace un año +7

    Finally someone talked about how stupid Snapchat’s right side is, its literally all click bate and garbage content

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Hace un año +2

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes on tirades about how stupid the snap stories are

  • Dillon R
    Dillon R Hace un año +5

    I lost it at the “whoa I gotta see what THIS GUY has to say!” And then it’s just brown Gaston modeling his weird ass jaw line in like 5 pictures.

  • nathalie y’know
    nathalie y’know Hace un año +276

    Just a reminder that the canonical original Drew has been dead since this video

  • Withle
    Withle Hace un año +1

    I’ve gotta say my favorite part about the Julia story has to be the fact that the thumbnail and title are entirely about the hickey at the beginning of the story. The whole kidnapping thing comes completely out of nowhere

  • Connor Norris

    Dude imagine being a Snapchat “journalist” like it doesn’t really get any lower than that I’d rather tell people I shovel shit for a living

  • Bennett Mullozzi
    Bennett Mullozzi Hace un año +9

    Drew’s ability to constantly mesh his commentary with his skits is unmatched

  • Evan F.
    Evan F. Hace un año +1

    “I would like to plead guilty.... to LOVIN MIIIILK”

  • Eden
    Eden Hace un año +642

    whenever Drew says he's exploring a topic that's only interesting to him, he brings it to our attention and makes us extremely interested as well

  • Harm C
    Harm C  +115

    Another thing about Snapchat is that when you do find an interesting story, there are a million ads every 10 seconds that make it so annoying to even finish the video

  • dan dohan
    dan dohan Hace un año +412

    the fact that the mother literally tied her daughter up for that money....... this is the level of commitment i want to be at

  • Warlos Laurez
    Warlos Laurez Hace un año +201

    The wife brings up the other woman after he figures it out and he’s like “oh.... you knew about that?” YES SHE JUST SENT YOU PHOTOS AS PROOF FIVE MINUTES AGO

  • my death wish is beyond your understanding

    Drew did that clever transition with his clone just so people wouldn't comment about how his shirt changed colors.