Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

  • Publicado el 10 oct 2020
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    At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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  • Call Me Bill
    Call Me Bill Hace un año +91

    Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

  • John Seckinger
    John Seckinger Hace un año +36

    “The way a movie should be watched... in 720p, censored, and constantly interrupted by advertisements.” (Cuts to ad). Nicely done, Drew.

  • Aaron Griffith

    Such a meta joke right here

  • An Error Has Occurred

    The way companies play the victim for being

  • ButteredToast

    Just now coming across this video, holy crap it hit home lol. As a former Spectrum employee, screw Spectrum. They are a predatory company that seems to take pride in screwing people over, including their own workers. So happy to not work for them anymore and swapped to a local company that has actually been great.

  • Jono SSD

    "Maybe they're not all that bad..."

  • natsoray
    natsoray  +380

    Drew has big old-man-yelling-at-clouds energy, and I fucking love it.

  • Guillotine
    Guillotine Hace un año +17

    They should make a singing competition where you can’t hear the sad backstory of the singer before making your decision

  • Abigail Mun

    Fun fact: both these shows that drew talked about are American versions (or copies) of two Korean shows: "King of Masked Singer" and "I can see your voice". In King of Masked Singer, the singer is masked and they have to figure out who the singer is. In I can see your voice, there are a group of people with various backstories (some fake, some real), and the judges have to find out which are the good singers. These concepts all work way better because of the whole kpop idol culture in South Korea. Like you would have actual kpop idols come onto Masked Singer to show their skill on live TV, whereas in America you have youtubers singing

  • Moss
    Moss  +439

    If anyone’s curious, the Disney XD show where they basically just play ESclips clips is called Player Select, very good for small kids who want to watch ESclips but their parents won’t let them because it’s too inappropriate. The show features censoring, ridiculous special effects, the same clips in almost every episode, SO MUCH FUCKIG FORTNITE, the clips are usually less than 5 minutes for each youtuber and you have no idea what happens in the end of the video, and ads every 3 minutes. :)

  • Nonameless
    Nonameless  +163

    Even the older people that usually stick with cable have already moved over to the streaming cable services bc it's just such a good deal in comparison. My grandparents hopped off the cable train before my parents did bc they're probably more sick of cable than anyone else XD

  • Inky_eyes
    Inky_eyes  +464

    I think criminal minds is one of the only government saves the day show that mainly focuses on the actual case but still gives some glimpses into the character’s lives. There’s also no clear main character which I like

  • Vequitas
    Vequitas  +83

    Only Drew has mastered the art of talking about advertising right when a midroll starts. Gets me every fucking time.

  • 뿅
     Hace un año +9

    the masked singer is actually a reboot of “the king of masked singer”, a korean singing competition. in the korean version, the contestants can be really famous or pretty unpopular. the point of the show is to display that popularity ≠ quality. the american version kinda bastardized the concept imo

  • bellamy b
    bellamy b  +229


  • S M
    S M  +148

    Everytime drew mentions he likes sports it’s like whiplash I never would’ve thought he’d be a sports guy

  • alyssia
    alyssia  +53

    still baffles me that you have to pay for tv in the us... like in australia it's free - you buy a tv, you have all the channels automatically

  • saab92513584

    Police shows being propaganda actually makes sense. I always thought they showed off that police and investigators were actually super sophisticated while always catching the guy.

  • PhantomSavage

    I will never not be impressed by network television's ability to sabotage itself whenever it comes across a remotely good idea.

  • Cheyenne Colin
    Cheyenne Colin Hace un año +14

    The idea of Ken Jeong telling really bad jokes on a set with no audience members and contestants standing around in awkward silence is hilarious to me.