Learning the Most Pointless Life Lessons from Dhar Mann

  • Publicado el 15 jul 2021
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    I guess you could say I'm a Dhar Fann.
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  • brook falkins
    brook falkins Hace un año +71

    drew, you’ve done it again. you’ve disappointed me.

  • HyLion
    HyLion Hace un año +22

    I love how the teacher came to his student's house to explain it while they were having online classes. Like, screw the lockdown, I gotta expose this kid IN PERSON.

  • TheStreamingEnderman

    My biggest complaint with Dhar Mann isn't the cheesy infomercial level acting. It isn't that bland "storyline". It isn't the predictable endings. It's the fact that he self-inserts himself into almost EVERY episode. AND he's ALWAYS getting the actors to compliment him in the story. HE WRITES THE SCRIPTS, so if the actors are saying: "Man, I love Dhar Mann, he's the best guy ever!" then that means HE WROTE THAT IN! He's an egotistical self-inflated fool.

  • HungryHedgehog

    I disagree there are shortcuts to success like:

  • Smokin Jimmy

    I was bullied a lot at school. I ended up with about 16 layers of merch to soothe the sadness and absorb the merciless punches.

  • pahvi3
    pahvi3  +8

    I just love the casual narcissism with which Mann casts himself as the coolest celebrity and a hero who jovially bestows his gifts upon his fans

  • Harrison Ho

    I feel like Dhar Mann is seeing himself as the new generation's Mr. Rogers or some wise being that solves problems or something. But whereas Mr. Rogers occasionally uses simple skits using puppets to demonstrate a scenario that involves a serious matter that kids have trouble understanding or is important for them to understand, Dhar Mann opts to come up with over-the-top scenarios that would likely NEVER happen, with over-the-top acting, and a lot of the time, flawed messages. Not to mention, he tries to insert himself in a lot of videos making himself seem like an almighty wise being, while Mr. Rogers genuinely valued his audience and took each moral he was trying to teach seriously, rather than advertise himself to make his show more popular.

  • Julia C
    Julia C Hace un año +4

    That math teacher really wasted his time making a fake website to catch kids cheating instead of reaching out to students personally. Petty af.

  • Michael Graham

    Dhar Mann has constructed his own poorly acted world where he is a well received fountain of wisdom when in reality, he's the intellectual equivalent of a self centered child

  • Shepherd Aaron

    “Jordan the Janitor” isn’t even an insult, it’s just his job title

  • Mitch C
    Mitch C  +875

    You didn't mention it, but the 'Wheelchair Wendy' video was actually slammed by the disabled community. Perfectly understandable, considering none of the actors were disabled and Noah's comment 'I know what it's like' are generally no-go's from activists. The backlash was so severe, that it's the only time Dhar actually took down a video from what I know (although it was later reinstated with a disclaimer).

  • Peter Williams

    That teacher literally leaked his final exam to the internet. And he tricked his students into cheating. I don't think you're allowed to do that.

  • Alex Gustavson

    "There are no short cuts to success" says Dhar Mann, a person who was born into a wealthy family and when that money wasn't enough stole $44000 from Oakland, California in 2012 and was only sentenced to 5 years probation. (He also did more, breaking campaign finance law)

  • Sunny Baudelaire
    Sunny Baudelaire Hace un año +7

    He tries to break stereotypes, while literally stereotyping his characters

  • Momo
    Momo  +2

    Idk I feel dhar Mann is the type of ESclipsr to call constructive criticism "hate" just cause he probably thinks his videos are like the best on the platform just because they're "inspirational" 🤩

  • Sophie Schroer

    A few questions:

  • a bagel
    a bagel  +421

    plot twist: all of dhar mann's videos take place in the dhar mann universe, where systemic racism does not exist, bullies can be changed on a whim, and dhar mann is the single-most powerful ruler in the universe.

  • Nateman1000

    Kid disobeys the almighty Dhar Mann, instantly regrets it

  • TheMobileGamer

    "We're not just telling stories, we're making money. And when you share our videos you help us get more money." - Dhar Mann

  • GioTheVax
    GioTheVax  +485

    You know, as someone who works with grade school-aged kids rn it's kind of INSANE how much kids love Dhar Mann and his videos. He gets brought up once and the whole class goes absolutely bonkers. I'm not surprised that videos like these, with decent production value and the sanitized life lessons, are extremely popular with that younger demographic. But at the same time I can't pretend I like them as anything other than some shallow, individualistic "don't be bigoted" message.