Maybe Don't Do That - Family Vlogs

  • Publicado el 11 may 2018
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    In today's video, we take a look at a couple of strange vlogs made by a family that probably doesn't realize how bad what they're doing is. Let's talk about it.
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    Whatever you do, please don't comment about how I am only 11 inches tall. My height is something I am very self-conscious of, I do not need you guys making it worse by commenting something along the lines of "look at this tiny little man, only 11 inches tall. i hope someone steps on him"

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  • McKinley Mickelson
    McKinley Mickelson Hace un año +15

    The fact that the eldest boy spoke EXACTLY like an adult vlogger, down to the same cadence and inflection... is really unsettling to me...

  • Mace Face
    Mace Face Hace un año +12

    I just wanna shout out the kid who left the "I like trains" comment. He didn't indulge in all that tomfoolery that was on display. He just wanted people to know that he's really into trains. Good for you, kid.

  • wickedphant0m
    wickedphant0m Hace un año +8

    We're gonna need an entirely new specialty of therapist to handle adults who were forced to be internet famous as kids and now don't understand what real life is.

  • LyssaGames
    LyssaGames Hace un año +1

    “I don’t feel guilty because I didn’t do it” is such youngest child energy

  • Christine Silva
    Christine Silva Hace un año +9

    When I was a kid, I noticed one day that the fridge looked a little emptier than usual (I figured out later it was because my parents were just going to go grocery shopping on the weekend since it was a busy week) and I cried because I thought it was because I took two quarters from the kitchen table to buy ice cream at school that day-

  • RedRiotRoss
    RedRiotRoss Hace un año +5

    Everyone should be required to work retail at least once

  • Rohan Khubchandani
    Rohan Khubchandani Hace un año +7

    there should honestly be child labor laws against putting kids in vlogger families

  • Kooteh
    Kooteh Hace un año +3

    I remember when I was 7 and I accidentally spent $3 on a game on my mom's phone. I felt so terrible when she told me what I did and I cried about it for days

  • Maia Bita
    Maia Bita Hace un año +4

    It’s funny how Danny is Drew’s landlord

  • Dalton Lee Marks
    Dalton Lee Marks Hace un año +925

    the fact that drew said "dealing with angry GUESTS" rather than customers makes me realize he worked at one of those places that are weirdly insistent about never referring to them as customers. i know for sure target is like that, i think starbucks might be too.

  • CS
    CS Hace un año +2

    omg i had the exact OPPOSITE reaction to the million dollars thing-any number over 50 seemed massive so i remember asking my mom at the bank how much money we had and she said she’d tell me when i was older, but then i asked “do we have more than 100 dollars?” and she hesitated and was like “okay, ill tell you that we have more than 1000 dollars” and i was convinced we were rich

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico Hace un año +342

    I love that the mom's acting is somehow even worse than the dad or two sons.

    BEING ZOMBIE VS THE WORLD Hace 2 años +10

    The kids are adorable but their parents suck for exploiting them.

  • zConrad
    zConrad Hace 2 años +2

    That sudden "I like trains" absolutely killed me

  • Fred the fish
    Fred the fish Hace un año +6

    Every time the dad laughed, it took 5 years off of my life

  • Twigling
    Twigling Hace un año +238

    There's no way a kid Drew's age made a video this good. His mom is definitely behind the camera feeding him the lines. At one point you can even see her shadow move across the wall.

  • Queen B
    Queen B Hace un año +1

    My five year old asked me one time why we don't have a ESclips channel so I can vlog her. I told her it's because I love her. It is not my child's responsibility to perform to make money so I can pay my bills! Do I take pictures and videos of my child? Of course! Do I share them PRIVATELY (not online) with family? Yes. Would I EVER put these memories out in the cesspool of the internet for God knows who to see and do God knows what with? HELL NO! Even if she did something absolutely hilarious or seemingly impossible, I would NEVER put it out into the world for the masses or the media to gobble up in order to get attention and have 15 minutes of fame. Children have a right to privacy and even their parents shouldn't be able to take that away. Because once it's gone, it's damn near impossible to get it back!

  • Susmita Saha

    I feel really bad for these kids. They’re so sweet and little. They deserve real childhoods and privacy away from cameras. I hate family channels so much.

  • emobanana22
    emobanana22 Hace 2 años +11

    Every time the dad laughed, it took 5 years off my life.

  • Eva
    Eva Hace un año +1

    When I was little I used to wonder why my parents complained about gas prices. The sign always said like 2.50 or 3 dollars😂😂