Getting Sent to the Principal's Office with Danny Gonzalez

  • Publicado el 27 jun 2019
    we got in trouble 馃様
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  • shinitagari
    shinitagari Hace un a帽o +24

    imagine getting called on in class and you hear 鈥渙h no but she sucks!鈥

  • Jasper Stevens
    Jasper Stevens Hace un a帽o +27

    "What if I'm jus tying my shoe and he's just stretching" IM FUCKING CACKLING THEY ARE COMEDY GENIUSES

  • Imaginary Foe
    Imaginary Foe Hace un a帽o +6

    Those two boys at the start

  • Keith Cox
    Keith Cox Hace un a帽o +17

    i think that first clip might be one of the funniest things i've ever seen. genuinely those boys were comedy geniuses, the way they kept such straight faces the entire time while maintaining eye contact with the principal had me laughing so hard

  • rabia
    rabia Hace 2 a帽os +8

    bro that kid actually seemed really well behaved. if someone trashed my room i would throw a tantrum even as an 18 y/o

  • Desmond Dolan
    Desmond Dolan Hace un a帽o +8

    A boy giving his girlfriend a neck message after she's had a bad day is inappropriate? Based on what?

  • milomumbles
    milomumbles Hace 3 a帽os +10

    the two kids at the start are the FUNNIEST. they just clown on the principal so much. absolute legends.

  • Alpha Crow
    Alpha Crow Hace 2 a帽os +9

    At my middle school and high school, there aren鈥檛 any hugs allowed, regardless of gender or your relationship. I couldn鈥檛 even hug my brother on campus, it was so ridiculous.

  • 0Bserver
    0Bserver Hace 2 a帽os +4

    The parents who trashed their sons bedroom to teach him a lesson really irked me. Like wtf is he going to take away from his caregivers purposefully disrespecting his space and possessions? They鈥檙e just behaving like hypocrites and are reinforcing the idea that disrespecting people鈥檚 property is acceptable if there鈥檚 a reason for it. And to film it all to publicly humiliate him? He鈥檚 like 6, asking if he鈥檚 okay with it being filmed is a fucking joke. So immature.

  • **internal screaming**
    **internal screaming** Hace un a帽o +21

    Those two boys at the beginning are my heroes.

  • whofe
    whofe Hace 2 a帽os +12

    I like when Danny said "making out" and they both kinda hesitated and looked at each other wondering if they should make out for a split second before deciding no and looking at the camera

  • The Sleepy Dot
    The Sleepy Dot Hace un a帽o +4

    Just look at what wonders humanity can create when someone can put aside all that toxic masculinity and make fun of corrupt authority with their best bro

  • Reese McGeese
    Reese McGeese Hace 3 a帽os +17

    i love that the two most "no homo" lookin guys took one for the team to embarrass their principal

  • Dolly
    Dolly Hace 2 a帽os +15

    "Why would I have a picture of YOU in MY house?"

  • n0t_lily73
    n0t_lily73 Hace 2 a帽os +22

    "Is there anything you'd like to share with me?"

  • MahoganyGamer
    MahoganyGamer Hace un a帽o +8

    These principals when they find out people hold hands before marriage: 馃あ馃ぎ

  • MAXIMO Scott
    MAXIMO Scott Hace un a帽o +5

    Ah yes The worst school punishment you can ever get, getting sent out of class and standing in the hallways unsupervised

  • lucaspectres
    lucaspectres Hace un a帽o +2

    the way they finish each other鈥檚 sentences

  • garlic
    garlic Hace 2 a帽os +13

    I like how all the principals on this show

  • Jas i guess
    Jas i guess Hace un a帽o +5