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  • Publicado el 30 abr 2020
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    Grab your reading glasses, today we're checking out some book.
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  • bruh ً
    bruh ً Hace 2 años +143

    Who are you

  • Antharmo
    Antharmo Hace 2 años +26

    "girls are occupied with their hairstyles, clothes, and shoes"

  • Haywood J'blome
    Haywood J'blome Hace un año +19

    Gotta give credit to Jake Paul, the book may be awful, but it actually seems like he wrote it himself, which is more than I can say for most celebrity books. I mean no professional writer could write that bad

  • m
    m  +1

    Jake Paul, a rich white frat boy, saying he relates to rap music, which is mainly about class struggles and racism and police brutality, is the funniest shit I've ever read. No Jake, you don't relate to NWA.

  • @FY
    @FY  +3

    You gotta love how he says “while most girls are thinking about hairstyles” and then proceeds to say “most guys are thinking about what the girls look like with all of that removed”, implying that stripping involves completely shaving your head

  • Think Before You Sleep

    Most of these kinds of books are written by ghost writers or aided by an actual author but in this case, we can definitely tell that Jake wrote this book by himself.

  • Sophia Ako

    The way Jake Paul describes girls' interests as "clothes, hair, makeup, jewelery" makes me seriously think he's never listened to or had a real conversation with a girl in his entire life

  • Gillian L
    Gillian L Hace 2 años +16

    Gabbie’s poetry is like 12 year old girls back in 2009 who writes stuff like: s(he)’s (simp)le.

  • nymeria_x

    I’m very late at this but I think it’s funny/sad to think that one of the only good things Drew had to say about Gabbie’s book was that the art was really great when it’s been revealed now that she stole all of it from her sister without giving her credit.

  • dantederi
    dantederi Hace un año +9

    It's funny how jake wrote a book, when his fans can't even read yet.

  • Gabby
    Gabby  +4

    Why does "Julie and I went into my room together and made out." have a citation? Like, is there a source in the footnote or something? "Ask Jeremy, he'll back me up."

  • froggy bibi

    i don’t know how gabby hanna expected to be able to write that much poetry, let alone quality poetry worth reading, in such a short time. poetry books that size are usually years worth or lifetime collections, not something you piss out in a month lol


    Gabbie Hannah's book is a waste to the trees that were sacrificed for just

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck Hace un año +16

    "boys only care about you being naked"

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H Hace un año +4

    She’s not a ESclips, but the ballet dancer Misty Copeland wrote a wonderful book about her struggles growing up poor, and being a black ballerina. It’s a wonderful book, and I’d highly recommend it to everyone. It’s called “Life in Motion”

  • Emily Pyper

    The Book of Mythicality is a genuine work of art. I read the book out loud to my mom so we could enjoy it together as we were both really big Rhett and Link fans at the time, and it was beautiful. I laughed until my stomach hurt, I cried real, sloppy tears, it made me think and it was wildly entertaining. It's one of my favorite books to this day. The art is so fun and you can tell a lot of passion and heart went into its creation. If you haven't read it, PLEASE do.

  • conanphobia

    Gabbie Hanna is the type of person to comment “I felt that” under the quote “s(he) be(lie)ved.”

  • Amajiki Choi

    Drew's new book:

  • Lucinda Null

    I went to Goodreads and there was this person who kept defending Jake Paul’s book and being rude to everyone who disliked it. I went to their profile and they just had the Magic Tree House books in their wishlist lmfao

  • Brenna Eakin
    Brenna Eakin Hace 2 años +9

    can we just talk about how problematic it is for jake paul to be giving sex advice to girls about boys to 10 year old kids