What is Good Acting?

  • Publicado el 5 mar 2022
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Comentarios • 7 523

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy  +56

    Good acting is me acting like I want to watch this

  • J J
    J J  +26

    The best acting performance I’ve ever seen was by this kid on Vine. I can’t remember who he was, but he really made me FEEL like the road worked ahead.

  • Two Two Twane

    Fun Fact!

  • Denki Wolf

    "Free Churro" of Bojack Horseman is an incredible example of powerful voice acting as well as incredible writing

  • Main's Main

    Christian Bale is often talked about for his physical changes in different movies but people overlook his acting skills, specially his accents, his American accent in American Psycho is very different to his American accent in the Machinist and to his American accent in Batman Begins as well, it just proves how versatile he really is

  • Memeityy
    Memeityy  +865

    I went and watched the entirety of Breaking Bad just so I could watch this video without spoilers. Thank you, Drew. Thank you. Breaking Bad was the best show I have ever seen.

  • Shelroda

    The best actors are the people you'll see interviews of and be absolutely shocked by their personalities. The best example i can think of off the top of my head is Stephanie Beatriz in brooklyn 99. She plays a cold cop who has no emotions but anger, she's super unfriendly and very disconnected from people and their feelings but, you see an interview and Stephanie is full of joy and energy and is a complete 180.

  • Love, Ghostface

    I want you to make a part 2 to this where you talk specifically about actors who have had drastically different roles and whether or not they did a good job at both

  • Vobs vids
    Vobs vids Hace 21 un día +59

    The bad example of method acting

  • Pickle Odessey

    Personally, I think Andrew Garfield is a very underrated actor. He’s very good at all of his roles and I think his best work is The Social Network and Tick Tick… BOOM

  • Creeper Invasion

    A great example of non-verbal, facial acting is the last scene of Knives Out. It's basically just a full minute of reaction shots, with no dialogue whatsoever, and you can so clearly understand how each character is feeling in that moment.

  • gone
    gone Hace 14 días +39

    One antagonist character in a movie that absolutely stunned me was J.K Simmons in Whiplash. His performance as an abusive, scary, music teacher no one ever wants to experience is so on point that I get scared watching it, as if he’s yelling at me. It’s one of my favorite performances by an actor in modern movie history.

  • Gracie Whatley

    Holding back tears is substantially more impressive than crying. Some people can cry without having to invoke emotion but to have some emotion trying to burst forward but having to subdue it is not only difficult but also relatable

  • WrathOfTheHydra

    As someone who went to school for acting, a lot of the compilations you pointed out drive me up the wall, since half the time they're actually the scenes a lot of coaches will point at and go "this is way too much and you can tell they're hamming it up". I appreciate you taking the time to articulate your respect for the acting moments most people aren't looking for, because it's usually the moments we're working the hardest to make feel real.

  • Beth Thornton

    For some reason one of the best examples of acting that comes to mind is Emma Thompson in love actually when she realizes her husband bought the expensive necklace for another woman, and she leaves the room to collect herself. There’s something so powerful in that scene, no over the top sobbing just a deeply moving quiet scene before she goes downstairs to her family and has to put on a happy “mother” face for her children

  • Harvest
    Harvest  +244

    How... Are you going to talk about acting and Breaking Bad and not even mention Anna Gunn as Skylar?? That performance has stayed with me for years

  • Ellie Bee
    Ellie Bee  +171

    I love how Bryan Cranston has the most memorable reactions to both comical situations and the most dramatic moments possible.

  • Jacob Parrekar

    I feel like a great mention should be Toni Colette from Hereditary. Brilliant movie and a jaw dropping acting from all of them, especially Colette. The scene at the Dinner table, the Dad losing hope trying to patch things up, The way they all deal with grief in the family is all so perfect

  • The Samburglar

    The thing that bothers me so much about the Jared Leto situation is that sending used condoms to your coworkers in ANY other profession would be classified as sexual harassment and would get you justifiably fired. But the fact that he proudly admits to doing it combined with how clearly uncomfortable his castmates are when they're asked about it is so disgusting and goes to show that he's just an asshole

  • BlueCayser

    My favourite line from Breaking Bad is