Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?

  • Publicado el 30 mar 2021
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Comentarios • 8 253

  • roototter
    roototter Hace un año +48


  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly Hace un año +9

    If they remade Matilda, this would be what her parents were trying to make her watch

  • Yashmin de Oliveira
    Yashmin de Oliveira Hace un año +7

    The kind of show that Matilda's parents would be watching. Got it

  • somethingstupid
    somethingstupid Hace un año +1

    I kinda love how creepy this is, it makes me feel like I’m living in some weird fictional dystopian nightmare lmao

  • Leafeigh
    Leafeigh Hace un año +4

    As the person whose job it is to maintain some corporate social media accounts with very few followers, CAN CONFIRM that is exactly what it feels like behind the computer screen too lol

  • Ghosty cow
    Ghosty cow Hace un año +2

    Thank you for the bit about the guy who runs the instagram account for like 600 people. Because that's literally what I do for a living and I can't believe I spend literal hours for 4 likes. It's hilarious.

  • Erin Izzy Griffin
    Erin Izzy Griffin Hace un año +1

    I was actually took a survey that helped them pick the name for this show. They told us the concept for it but not that it was blatantly sponsored by Pepsi. I don't remember the other names they were considering (they might've been like, Lucky Cherries and stuff like that) but I remember Cherry was in all of them. And I told them Cherries Wild sounded like a bad porno.

  • Eoku
    Eoku Hace un año +18

    Fun fact: 'Drew Gooden' is the past tense of 'Draw Good'.

  • Pinus Niron
    Pinus Niron Hace un año +7

    This is likely the best Coca- cola ad I' ve seen in a long time

  • Logan Plonski
    Logan Plonski Hace un año +2

    The existence of this show is legitimately upsetting to me even though it doesn't actually affect me in any way

  • Brian Iturrieta
    Brian Iturrieta Hace un año +1

    There's a Pepsi kpop boyband named K-Pepsi here in Chile where I live, and they even pick chilean guys that look "korean". They recently put an animated character to join the band. Everything has the same energy of this game show, just weird.

  • Big Sissy Angie
    Big Sissy Angie Hace un año +6

    “Cherry cherry cherry” she screamed hoarsely, her bloodshot eyes welling up with tears as she stares at the merciless green screen.

  • Tatiana Paolah
    Tatiana Paolah Hace un año +2

    "This is the biggest slot machine in the world!"

  • Anna Jackson
    Anna Jackson Hace un año +4

    pepsi commenting on the wild cherries account is like when people comment on their own dogs instagram

  • PhantomWyvern
    PhantomWyvern Hace un año +3

    i could’ve gone my entire life not knowing this existed, drew

  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards Hace un año +1

    Hey! I was one of the people in the background of the show/ audience. This was a particularly weird one as far as BG goes with covid but feel free to message me if you want any details. You pretty much hit the nail on head with green screen, but what's interesting is that each group being recorded only had 10 minutes. These particular day jobs are great $ for the time required and usually everyone there is quite fun to be around!

  • Sherbert Von Chad
    Sherbert Von Chad Hace un año +524

    This feels like an snl skit. A corporate entity makes an absurd game show to sell a product. And the show isn’t even real, it has no live audience and is so clearly rigged to be in the favor of the company and not the players. It seems surreal.

  • Anna Wildman
    Anna Wildman Hace un año +2

    “Kardashian by proxy” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard

  • EpicToySeries
    EpicToySeries Hace un año +3

    This video now has more views than the most-watched episode of Cherries Wild...let that sink in.

  • iGottic
    iGottic Hace un año +840

    This is likely the best Coca-Cola ad I've seen in a long time.