The D'amelio Show confuses me

  • Publicado el 10 sep 2021
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    My A/C stopped working the other day so this video is fun because you can watch me slowly get sweatier.
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Comentarios • 10 766

  • iced
    iced Hace un año +120

    drew, youre in the middle of the screen, get out of the way

  • Madison
    Madison Hace un año +40

    Props to every famous parent that hides their children.

  • Benny
    Benny  +11

    Holy shit I feel really bad for Charli, when I saw that her managers literally planned her entire year I felt anxious just watching it, can't imagine how she felt

  • monolithic

    I think if you’re financially dependant on your teenage daughter, there’s already a problem

  • Lucid Dreaming

    There should be a law that protects children from situations like this. Cos parents that push their children into this and leech off them, giving their children a parental role in providing for the family, gives me the creeps.

  • Jrpg Golf
    Jrpg Golf  +11

    We, as a society, owe Brittany Spears an apology for 2007.

  • Queen Kayla

    “Kim there’s people that are dying” kills me everytime 😂😂

  • Floop Joop

    I think one of Drew's best commentary qualities is how human he is. Like he doesn't try to villainize what he's critiquing without evidence but instead let's the pros or cons show for themselves.

  • moof
    moof  +5

    It's really concerning how their parents aren't doing much to help them too. If I saw my kids practically breaking down everyday crying about how much stress and anxiety they're under I would definitely try my best to cut things down to the point where everything would be much easier to handle. Their parents are the biggest concern here it totally looks like they're exploiting their children for as much profit as they can make. Also, hope that the sisters can get through this stressful period of their lives. I look forward to seeing them showcase their talent on their own will in the future

  • Rando Human?

    People are hardcore praising Drew, but to me he's just showing normal human empathy. Maybe people just aren't used to seeing that? Not trying to bring Drew down, that's just my thought.

  • Kyra
    Kyra  +3

    Hating anyone you don’t know has always been weird to me. Do people even really hate them or are they just following the crowd?

  • Emma
    Emma  +622

    You never fucking miss. So refreshing seeing people empathize with young girls/people instead of mocking them. I know that mocking things is

  • Johnny 2 Cellos
    Johnny 2 Cellos Hace un año +81

    Expectation: Haha bad show is bad

  • mitch
    mitch Hace un año +1

    knowing there's a decent-sized team behind her, pumping out countless ideas solely for capitalizing on her following makes their random mattress collab understandable

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts  +467


  • Ethan Powles

    I agree with Drew's statement of being "mid-tier famous". If I were to be an actor, I'd like to be B-list. Someone like Bruce Campbell. Generally loved by the public, but not in the spotlight constantly.

  • Cordelia

    Parents using their child’s money that they earned always gives me the ick. How you, in good conscience, take your child’s money and go on designer shopping sprees or buy a new luxury car??? It’s stealing and these young social media stars are not protected by any laws. The laws have yet to catch up to this phenomenon and these young folks are being taken advantage of, even if they think they aren’t. I’m not necessarily talking about this family but seeing 14 million dollar home in comparison to their previous home that was financed by the parents- things don’t add up.

  • Allie’s World

    This is literally tragic. The parents need to be held accountable. They could take even a fraction of that money and set everyone up for life.

  • Safir Aksel
    Safir Aksel Hace un año +8

    Drew really baited a lot of people who wanted to make fun of the show but giving them a thoughtful commentary instead.

  • Becca Grace
    Becca Grace Hace un año +705

    Your empathy towards these really famous people is so impressive to me.