I Think I Found The Weirdest Christmas Movie

  • Publicado el 15 dic 2018
  • This movie makes no sense and I love it.
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  • Saoliath
    Saoliath Hace un año +12

    I love how the black woman is basically just there to be a sassy black woman. The main character’s female band-mate is just there to temporarily look like his wife for one scene. Despite wearing glasses, the main female lead apparently doesn’t need them at all.

  • Charlie K.

    It actually kind of makes sense if you assume that each scene was written by a different person who only got to watch the previous scene once

  • Beder
    Beder  +2

    My god, his guitar skills are so incredible that he summoned an invisible drummer out of thin air

  • Jen Rivera

    I like the idea of the platonic friendship between matt and heather. honestly, it could have made a great example of a close guy/gal platonic friendship. Sometimes those friendships are more affectionate depending on how the people in them feel about touch. BUT they- either writers, director, actors, or combo- went and messed it up and made it confusing with how palpably flirty they are.

  • Rando Plants

    Love how the letter focused on the evil boss not liking Christmas, and not the fact that he forced one of his underlings to be part of a conspiracy to get another employee fired.

  • Samantha Rivera

    I feel like sally is the writers' attempt to write a black woman but they've literally never met a black person before

  • Ava -
    Ava - Hace 2 años +14

    To be honest, the premature "it's time for dinner" line was the most realistic part of this whole movie.

  • The Fallen Crow

    I feel kinda bad for Heather. She is obviously into him. Flew in on an expensive flight, throwing mad signals, dropped everything to spend time with him.

  • Tony Mat

    I love the scene where he just says “aren’t you raising an orphan”

  • Denisha Asia

    I say, “I don’t have feelings for Kristi North!” as an inside joke to myself so often 😂

  • uosdwiSrdewoH

    It's a nice callback to "missghetti" except she just had it therefore she can no longer be missing it. Unless she just likes it that much. They never really said what the timeframe was for spaghetti turning into missghetti. This timing problem will be as hotly debated as what constitutes "after midnight" in Gremlins and it's sequel the second Gremlins.

  • Dogski28
    Dogski28  +161

    Kristi looks like she was trying to cosplay every Scooby Doo character at once.

  • Jackie Edgin
    Jackie Edgin Hace un año +5


  • astrid ledesma

    Ok guys, it's November! Time to rewatch all of Drew's, Danny's and Kurtis's Christmas movies!

  • Thiago Marques

    i love how when they reveal who Kristi is, her line is "Sorry dad i think i won't make it" AND SANTA JUST BURST INTO LAUGH, "OH THAT'S WONDERFUL I WON'T SEE MY DAUGHTER FOR LIKE A YEAR HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS "

  • Kat Joseph Pérez

    Getting your kids to Tweet Santa is objectively genius if you’re on a tight budget. They have to pick some things they really want and can’t fill it with extraneous crap bc of the character count.

  • mostlyskeptic

    "There's no slacking at the US Postal Service." As a 2 year employee at the post office I can say this is the most untrue statement ever uttered.

  • zoe f
    zoe f  +450


  • Shannon G
    Shannon G Hace 2 años +2


  • CR Marsh
    CR Marsh  +847

    My favorite thing about this movie is that the recording of Matt going “I dOnT hAvE fEeLiNGs fOr cHRisTy nOrTh” is never used by the boss to make Christy hate Matt. Instead the actual “conflict” between them is far more stupid and contrived. It feels like an AI wrote this movie