Twitter Pick-Up Artists

  • Publicado el 29 nov 2021
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Comentarios • 10 412

  • Molly 555
    Molly 555  +79

    I like his videos but I just wish his face was different

  • Laura Q
    Laura Q  +6

    Not even my gynaecological surgeon would have described himself as a “Master Opener of Women”. If he had, I definitely would have never allowed him to cut me open.

  • BumbleBee Picnic

    Time and time again, Drew demonstrates exactly why he's happily married. The concept of treating women like human beings seems like it should be obvious, but I guess that's still not the case.

  • rachel williams

    "You have to be extremely aggressive in getting what you want" This is exactly why women are afraid to be alone literally anywhere, even in broad daylight. seriously what the fuck

  • Jay Dougan

    the best opening line ever: "you wanna get flirted with?"

  • Knock off REM

    I was raised by misogynists and believed feminism was bad, but honestly, you, Danny, and Kurtis really help me realize we deserve to be treated like the actual people that we are.

  • Celery-Slight

    Saying you’re good with women because you ask them out a lot is like saying you’re good with money because you’ve applied to the lottery 6000 times

  • Dani T
    Dani T  +5

    "Dont hit on people in grocery stores. No one wants that" after being harassed in a grocery store earlier this year and having a meltdown in the parking lot, I can confirm no one wants this. And its very validating and refreshing to hear this.

  • Kojibro Sasaki

    It's so sad that my language of Womanese only gets talked about in situations like this, we Woman of Womanland deserve better. Cultural Appropriation is something we face everyday.

  • Karen Bartlett

    My favorite thing about "Womanese" is that these men would be horrified if you suggested learning about women by consuming media created by/for women. But if it were actually a different language that'd be a pretty good way to pick it up.

  • heather j

    it terrifies me that there are actually men out there listening to these “pick up artists” and reading those books. I’m laughing to prevent the stream of tears lol

  • EnigmaticRPG

    Obviously, dating is 100% like videogames! All you have to do is Talk 3 times and throw a food item at her, then BOOM, level 4 relationship. She will shower you with complements forever, no matter what, and you can take the items in her house without it flagging as Stealing.

  • RoxxyKaos

    I love how so many guys think being emotional is only crying. Dude, anger is being emotional, too. Flipping a table and screaming is being emotional.

  • Cady
    Cady  +905

    "At their core, men like this don't view women as people." Dang, I came here for laughs and this video was actually so wholesome. It's really refreshing to see a guy who understands this and is hopefully positively influencing people in his fan base.

  • Thanatoast
    Thanatoast  +452

    As someone who has a lot of female friends, it's kind of uncomfortable how often dudes catcall or harass women, but will run away when a guy shows up. Like they can't respect women as having the autonomy to say no, but the moment a dude shows up suddenly it's a problem.

  • zFrizzi
    zFrizzi  +244

    Girl: just want to be treated like people

  • Lola
    Lola  +432

    The irony is that if these obviously lonely, bitter and misogynistic guys put this much effort into their passions and listening to other people they might actually get somewhere

  • Dr.Gumboom Official

    Pickup artists should learn the art of picking up a phone and contacting a therapist.

  • lacroixboi marx

    The only unrealistic part of this is HR actually doing something about sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Apricot
    Apricot  +547

    I love how the guys themselves decide how the girl is gonna respond. Probably the reason why some of them piss their pants and spew insults at you when you reject them.