The guys who turned minimalism into a religion

  • Publicado el 23 ene 2021
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Comentarios • 13 069

  • The IDK place
    The IDK place Hace un año +55

    I accidentally ate my cat

  • original andy-man
    original andy-man Hace un año +13

    They’re so minimalist they have nothing to say, it’s kinda genius.

  • Hitchcock00Starlet

    These men will never know the joy of having an entire wall of their house dedicated to showcasing years of handmade manatees from various Florida art shows.

  • Murren Kelly
    Murren Kelly Hace un año +5

    I understand that minimalism can have a lot of benefits, but they are saying "consumerisms says the more you have, the better you are as a person," and "minimalism says the less you have, the better you are as a person." Neither of those mentalities is healthy. The best thing for people is balance. The balance between minimalism and consumerism works differently for different people.

  • The People's Bayonet

    Minimalism is the Religion of Rich People who Feel Guilty about Being Rich. Imagine explaining minimalism to someone who has NOTHING haha

  • amelia
    amelia  +2

    I have pretty bad memory issues due to my mental illness, and seeing the small stuff I collect over the years helps me remember it, even if it is just small photos taken on my polaroid. to hear these guys be like "you don't need that, the memories are in your head not objects!!" really makes me frustrated.

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Hace un año +7

    “I asked him, ‘why the hell are you so happy?’, he spent the next 20 minutes telling me about cocaine.”

  • El de las trufas
    El de las trufas Hace un año +28

    The documentary isn't really about minimalism, it's about those 2 guys, how poor they were growing up and how many times they can repeat how poor they were growing up.

  • Jessica Onymous
    Jessica Onymous Hace un año +4

    The whole "and I asked him 'why the hell are you so happy?' and he sat me down and spent the next twenty minutes telling me about minimalism" is giving me bad flash backs of church youth group bring told "you need to radiate positivity so when people ask you 'why are you so happy' you can tell them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ"

  • Isabelle Tepe

    THESE guys' minimalism is just rich people cosplaying broke people

  • Dusty Honey
    Dusty Honey Hace un año +1

    Minimalism isn’t for everyone. I love to collect things, and it makes me happy.

  • The Crab Maestro
    The Crab Maestro Hace un año +1

    "Memories are in our heads not the objects" this is true, but you've got to remember that the objects can remind you about the memories if you forget. Imagine that you're 70 and you still have your pokemon cards, but you havent thought about pokemon for 50 years. Imagine how amazing it would be to be reminded of that thing by finding that object when you clean up. I agree that unnecessary stuff is bad, but sometimes stuff can be very good to keep.

  • J.H. Moncrieff, Author

    Thank you! One thing I'm really baffled no one calls them on--Josh starts every podcast by saying it's brought to you by "no one, because advertisements suck," and then proceeds to constantly promote their books, book tours, Patreon, etc.--sometimes even other products, like an electronic luggage finder! Why would minimalists be so worried about losing their luggage? They even do a bait and switch, where you think the free podcast is going to be about a certain topic, but you actually need to subscribe to their Patreon to get the "real" version that has value--assuming it DOES have value. Do they not get this counts as advertising? I'd actually rather ignore a 15-second ad or two than have him tell me to buy his books and join his Patreon page incessantly.

  • athriftygoddess
    athriftygoddess Hace un año +14

    I am very sick of people with a lot of money telling me how money isn’t important to happiness

  • TindraSan
    TindraSan Hace un año +3

    "There was a g a p i n g v o i d in my life, and I filled that void withe literal hot hair and a sense of superiority."

  • Sketch Junior
    Sketch Junior Hace un año +5

    All I have to say to this guy is “sorry that collectibles, plushies, plants and decorative non essentials make me genuinly happy”

  • emsmorningglory
    emsmorningglory Hace un año +461

    I was rewatching this video and it occurred to me that these guys are saying "your life is bad because it revolves around stuff" but theirs kind of do too. They seem so focused on not having stuff that it's all they put their energy into, which I think is also not great. How much stuff they do or don't have seems like it might have become their identities at some point, and so once again their lives revolve around stuff. But I don't know, it just reads to me as two sides of the same coin.

  • gothussy
    gothussy  +122

    I, myself, am a proud maximalist. I think that finding beauty and happiness in small things is a gift and those who manage to find happiness in the smallest and most “useless” items always seem to be the most collected and interesting people. I mean- have you ever seen the lady who collects frog items? She really seem like she’s happy

  • LuckyFox
    LuckyFox  +171

    These guys give off, “why are you depressed? Just smile and be happy.” Vibes

  • Khailil S
    Khailil S Hace un año +13

    When you're a true minimalist there is only one mom