I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week

  • Publicado el 23 abr 2021
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    This was a terrible idea and I'll probably do it again.
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  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden  Hace un año +17041

    A lot of people are asking about the whitney houston remix in the beginning so here you go: esclips.com/video/lK9qbI_OV14/vídeo.html
    It is truly a masterpiece

  • Caleb Langdon
    Caleb Langdon Hace un año +19439

    Drew is definitely now listed in instagram's database as a level 7 susceptible.

      DANNYSOLUCKY Hace 2 días

      Yyyooo level 7?! Perfect

    • T M
      T M Hace 13 días

      @Zoey Barter does it just mean cool, or is supposed to be like, miles ahead ?

    • amelooloo
      amelooloo Hace 18 días

      this comment is streets ahead

    • SharkBaitH00Haha
      SharkBaitH00Haha Hace 5 meses

      6 seasons and a movie

    • Hillierfan69
      Hillierfan69 Hace 5 meses

      Now this comment was streets ahead.

  • Alc C
    Alc C Hace 8 meses +3193

    rewatching this after knowing the full story of the moonpod is like watching someone being eaten by a shark

    • Moon Girl
      Moon Girl Hace 5 días

      @Tina VanWey oh right that's a possibility too - "I could get my money back - but then I can't hate on it🤔"

    • Moon Girl
      Moon Girl Hace 5 días

      @High Definition I think he secretly loves the Moon Pod but can't admit it because it was so expensive

    • High Definition
      High Definition Hace 5 días

      @Moon Girl maybe there's no return policy lol

    • Below Average
      Below Average Hace un mes +5

      “This looks kinda fun,” famous words said moments before disaster

    • Tina VanWey
      Tina VanWey Hace un mes +4

      @Moon Girl It’s probably so he can keep making callbacks to it so he can bully it even harder

  • Florine Shamel
    Florine Shamel Hace un año +2357

    “Ok, this looks kinda fun.”
    -Drew Gooden before making the worst mistake of his life, buying a Moon Pod.

    • Alex Burr🏠
      Alex Burr🏠 Hace 4 días +1

      @Cait Henry same haha - it’s like a car crash ya can’t look away from

    • Cait Henry
      Cait Henry Hace 6 meses +61

      Came back to this video just to watch how excited he was to try it

  • SomeWizardGuy
    SomeWizardGuy Hace 11 meses +954

    Moonpod is straight-up a scam. I bought a Big Joe foam bean bag for $125. It’s 5-feet in diameter and it’s so comfy I fell asleep in it the first day I had it.

    • The Winged Porpoise
      The Winged Porpoise Hace 17 días

      @Joy Cor first baths and now beanbags? Short people!!!!!!

    • Joy Cor
      Joy Cor Hace un mes +20

      I got a big joe for my dorm and slept on that cushy man anytime I was too lazy to climb up into my bunk after doing work at my desk. Perfectly acceptable levels of comfort (maybe less so if you aren’t 5’2”)

    • Lxvesick Yuna
      Lxvesick Yuna Hace 2 meses +39

      Hes a real one

    • Lxvesick Yuna
      Lxvesick Yuna Hace 2 meses +65

      Big joe will never let you down

  • Mari Molen
    Mari Molen Hace un mes +81

    Landlord’s name being Ninja is prophetic to the extreme. Drew is really playing the long humor game

  • Keghan
    Keghan Hace 3 meses +273

    This video has insane replay value, but on every rewatch my heart breaks a little knowing that there’s a time where Drew is waiting for the Moon Pod™ to arrive, with the belief that it could actually be a good product.

  • Evan
    Evan Hace 10 meses +862

    I actually have a pillow cube and as someone with a connective tissue disorder it’s been really good at keeping me from waking up with one of my shoulders folded in half.
    also it fits nicely on a dorm mattress. 10/10

    • ash
      ash Hace un mes +4

      @Liliowy i stole them

    • The Orange Gremlin
      The Orange Gremlin Hace un mes +4

      You have collapsible shoulders

    • StuffedBrains
      StuffedBrains Hace un mes +1

      @Lil Vegan does it smell like peanut butter?

    • Lil Vegan
      Lil Vegan Hace un mes +6

      I love my pillow cube. I have the bigger, regular pillow shaped one though. Its amazing.

    • StuffedBrains
      StuffedBrains Hace un mes +3

      @Liam Walsh does it smell like peanut butter?

  • LostLang
    LostLang Hace un año +288

    Vuori’s clothes are so insanely comfortable. But if any college athletes see this .. they sponsor athletes and make it actually affordable. I’ve used my brothers code like 10 times now

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Hace un mes +4

      @Yumine not really, they’re just trying to use college athletes as a billboard

    • Yumine
      Yumine Hace un año +27

      That is actually very nice of them

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Hace 4 meses +69

    i love how right off the bat drew discovered how sketchy the moon pod reviews are (all the negative ratings actually being positive reviews) yet interpreted it as a good thing

  • Dev I
    Dev I Hace un año +1736

    I hope you returned that moon pod. The expectations vs reality that occurred when you pulled out a child-sized burrito instead of an adult-sized space marshmallow was a lot to go through emotionally. Especially when I remembered it costs $300

    • Void Alien
      Void Alien Hace 13 días

      @Fly Xcur my bean bag did the complete opposite

    • Rhiannon Hamrick
      Rhiannon Hamrick Hace 16 días +4

      *laughs in future*

    • Joshua Roehl
      Joshua Roehl Hace un año


    • Riskyy 29
      Riskyy 29 Hace un año

      *Omg I discovered drew gooden OLD CHANNEL, here it is:* esclips.com/video/i0h8tD1tckc/vídeo.html

    • Fly Xcur
      Fly Xcur Hace un año +17

      I thought you had to give bean bags time to fill out

  • Agama
    Agama Hace un año +103

    $299 for the MoonPod’s a steal, Drew! I mean, that’s $100 per function, minus $1!

  • luvthena
    luvthena Hace 2 meses +32

    It has been a year. I'm still at Olive Garden, eating breadsticks, waiting for Drew to show up. The waiters have yelled at me multiple times.

  • Hanzo_ Hasashi18
    Hanzo_ Hasashi18 Hace un año +52

    So funny story, I just so happen to work in a grocery store and a customer wore an 'Air Dome' into the store the other day. Needless to say I was both thoroughly impressed and confused by the...spaceman helmet; It definitely caught me off guard, but it made me laugh for the rest of my shift.

  • Speckledorf
    Speckledorf Hace un año +151

    Many memory foam pillows have that "wet-paint" smell, it has to do with the material used to make them.

    • Ushin
      Ushin Hace 8 meses

      you mean the cube pillow?

  • alexorcali
    alexorcali Hace un año +3132

    First Kurtis not giving me an extra greeting, now Drew not greeting me with “hey guy”. I’m taking my services to DANNY GONZALEZ!

    • Sam Turner
      Sam Turner Hace 20 días


    • Androgynous Maggot
      Androgynous Maggot Hace un año

      Wait a minute! Isn't this guy Danny?!

    • theFRIzz
      theFRIzz Hace un año +1

      Youre already here lmao

    • Layla lol
      Layla lol Hace un año

      @vinereference87 hahahaha that was probably before he picked out the Greg name

    • Cass Ual Tea
      Cass Ual Tea Hace un año

      is this not him?

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones Hace un año +100

    The Pillow Cube was a ESclips add buy. I got the bigger version of the thinner cube (suggested size based on shoulder measurements) and it has significantly reduced my sleep induced neck pain. I’m 80/20 side vs back sleeper.

  • Zombiesfromjupiter
    Zombiesfromjupiter Hace un año +17

    the singular shot of that old man in a helmet with the caption 'TREES TERRIFY ME' is hysterical. i like to imagine he's not allergic, he just took 'the happening' VERY seriously.

  • Emahni Harris
    Emahni Harris Hace 6 meses +58

    Whenever I'm binge watching old Drew Gooden videos I've already seen a dozen times, I laugh when I get to this one because I know how much he absolutely hates mood pod. It's watching him buy it over and over just to keep hating it lol

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B Hace 2 meses +11

    every time i come back to watch drew look at moonpod and say its "a good sign the low reviews were done by mistake" (3:01) i feel just a little bit sorry for him

  • Jahziel Joynes
    Jahziel Joynes Hace un año +2327

    What sucks for Drew, is because the first item was expensive, and he bought it, he proved to Instagram he would spend a ton of money, so they continued to advertise extremely expensive stuff.

    • Liam Brunner
      Liam Brunner Hace 8 meses +3

      @Daren sthu scammer

    • Ashik Jaman
      Ashik Jaman Hace 8 meses +1

      @cassie bots are dumb

    • cassie
      cassie Hace 8 meses +32

      Wtf is up with these replies lmao

    • The Amazing Tristeon
      The Amazing Tristeon Hace un año +1

      Her name is the truth of her heart and soul. I know I'm late posting this but personally I think I'll be able to make it to the nearest teammate in minecraft or so that. The other day I found a car that was not the only one I had.

    • Daren
      Daren Hace un año +4

      Literally 99% won’t see this but I lost my job due to covid. They shut down all the restaurants in Cook county which then led me to loosing my apartment. I'm currently living out of my car which I try and make the best of. I've applied to a bunch of places I'm hoping to get a call back. if anyone could help me with whatever you could bc I'm needing stuff like hand warmers which I stuff my clothes at night when it's cold. Also cheap burgers/fastfood. I know times are tough for everyone these days but if you're able to help me I have paypal
      username pay2winlife
      If you're unable to help I totally understand thankyou

  • Lydia Zap
    Lydia Zap Hace 2 meses +6

    ever since i first watched this video when it came out, my theory has been that Drew's futon really DID move out to go to college, because it got sold/given away to some student to use in their dorm room, but Drew cleverly worded the truth so that we would all assume it was a nonsensical joke.

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn Hace un año +26

    I started laughing when Drew said he is opening the Moon Pod first because it's what he's most excited about. Ha. Hahaha. Poor Drew. If only he knew what awaited him.

  • Mooh H
    Mooh H Hace un año +32

    “Excuse me, who are you, Anna, to tell me what I think is possible…” laughed so loudly! I love your cynical sense of humour!

  • El mayore Murky
    El mayore Murky Hace un año +82

    “I am reclining”
    “I am laying”
    “And we are not the same person”

  • Fancy Penguin
    Fancy Penguin Hace 2 meses +11

    I saw someone wearing the space helmet once. He also had a giant tub of hand sanitizer near him and would put some on every time he touched ANYTHING.

  • ‹ Lazy Lavender ›
    ‹ Lazy Lavender › Hace 8 meses +5

    Holy fuck drew I just rewatched this yesterday and you don't know my horror when I saw a moonpod package laying in my parents living room the next day.

  • Lita Cakes
    Lita Cakes Hace un año +18

    I actually love my pillow cube ironically xD I bought it on a whim and it was worth it for me, but I also have neck issues and good support helped a lot.
    Mine ... didn't smell like anything though so I'm not sure what that's about.
    On the reverse, my mother tried it and returned it - it didn't suit her neck needs and was uncomfortable.

  • Carly C
    Carly C Hace un año +75

    You know something else that allows “full peripheral vision” and fades into the background when you wear it… a face mask.

  • rät child
    rät child Hace un año +22724

    fun fact, “vuori” actually means mountain in finnish. this clears up absolutely nothing. hope this helped!!

    ORANGE GRADIENT Hace 7 meses +5

    14:19 when I tell you I almost pissed myself laughing

  • LemonPapu
    LemonPapu Hace 9 meses +15

    I have a Moodpod that I use daily. After a few months. Using it reclined eventually wears it out so it loses its length and turns into a big ball of beads sitting in the bottom of an empty sheet.

  • Patche
    Patche Hace un mes +8

    2:22 when he said 'So, I started rubbing it on some toast..." I burst out laughing just as I was blowing on a spoon of hot cocoa, and it got all over my keyboard-

  • Jod1
    Jod1 Hace 11 meses +13

    Footprint in that case is referring to how much floor space the item takes up. So like a stool has a much smaller footprint than a couch. But considering it's the size of a teenager and just lays on the floor that was obviously a lie. It's only smaller than the LoveSac style bean bags, which are double the price and comfortably seated 8 of us at once at my college before they removed them because people kept using them for naps. Unlike the moon pod, that one is actually worth the price given the huge size and stuffing, which is some sort of specialty blend of memory foam and cottony soft materials, so it felt like it was one big whole instead of an awkwardly contained bag of individual beans constantly shifting and poking. That product honestly looks smaller than the $30 Walmart one.

  • K Wallace
    K Wallace Hace un año +2965

    I think you forgot to mention how the moon pod is literally half the size of the advertised moon pod.

    • And I- oop
      And I- oop Hace un mes +1

      @koostattoos - They meant the bean bag

    • koostattoos -
      koostattoos - Hace 2 meses

      @A H i mean, to be fair, it's pretty obvious that it's a scam lmao. $300 for what's essentially a motorcycle helmet and it's built to be worn every time you go outside? anyone who actually, seriously bought that it either too rich for their own good or really stupid.

    • Eli Youtuber
      Eli Youtuber Hace 3 meses


    • nobody
      nobody Hace un año +18

      I know! That was all I could think of was how mad I would be if I ordered that expecting the giant one and got that. Like the commenter above me said, it's basically the size of a body pillow.

    • Groverkiin Muppetborn
      Groverkiin Muppetborn Hace un año +1

      @A H F tier is the lowest tho bahahah

  • Skaifox
    Skaifox Hace 10 meses +23

    "You don't know what levels of comfort I've imagined" had me wheezing

  • beef baby
    beef baby Hace 8 meses +6

    i love seeing Drew's enthusiasm about the moon pod in retrospect

  • just a smøl tøwn gir
    just a smøl tøwn gir Hace 7 meses +7

    9:46 i don't know why, but the idea of drew having neighbors he talks to is... very strange. And yet very normal? I simultaneously can and cannot imagine going outside to walk your dog and seeing drew gooden taking out the trash wearing $89 sweatpants.

  • Nikk Jurak
    Nikk Jurak Hace 7 meses +4

    Drew I recently found you and you have brought joy into my grim life. Thank you you are greatly appreciated, i become an even bigger fan of you with every video.

  • Eldritch_Disaster
    Eldritch_Disaster Hace un año +4689

    Drew spends almost $1k by feeding into instagram’s personalized ad system, then gets an ad from instagram asking if he wants up to $900 compensation for depression research. wtf kind of sick power move is that

    • Eldritch_Disaster
      Eldritch_Disaster Hace 6 meses +1

      @Diego Roldan Well you know what Hard Rock Nick says; you gotta spend money to lose money /lh

    • Diego Roldan
      Diego Roldan Hace 6 meses +3

      if he took the survey he'd only have a net loss of $7.06

    • Gabriel Larena
      Gabriel Larena Hace 6 meses +14

      @Leader of Bears of course people can't find a job, you're hogging all the good ones smh

    • Lisa Porter-Smith
      Lisa Porter-Smith Hace un año

      @Claudia Mitchell Claudia is PayPal name is literally “pay2winlife”. Jesus Christ.

    • shutupsavannah
      shutupsavannah Hace un año +28

      @Leader of Bears I am disabled and physically can’t work those kinds of jobs. Are you going to put your money where your mouth is and pay me, or are you just trying to talk down to people who are struggling?

  • scaryJoke
    scaryJoke Hace 5 meses +7

    ironically, erratic spending is a symptom of depression.

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman Hace un año +70

    👍 to wish Ninja a speedy recovery from his agonizingly long fall down the stairs. He seems like the type of landlord who has a spotless butthole.

  • Ryan Frederick
    Ryan Frederick Hace 8 meses +18

    Drew! Stop. It's me, from the future. Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy the "moon pod". You will hate it, and there's nothing else I can do about it. You've been warned. Sorry I'm late

  • ServantoftheKing
    ServantoftheKing Hace 9 meses +5

    Drew, you're genuinely so funny. All your subs are totally earned

  • Brooke Vansen
    Brooke Vansen Hace un año +2454

    I genuinely cannot express how hard I laughed at the fucking "im terrified of trees" guy. Holy shit

  • Sunday Mourning
    Sunday Mourning Hace 6 días +1

    I tried that Hello Fresh once. It was surprisingly delicious!!! And easy too! Everything you need for each meal is included. I was very pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately however, I am a broke b*#@+& so I can not regularly get it.

  • Arthur Pietro Garcia
    Arthur Pietro Garcia Hace 2 meses +5

    And, so without knowing, Drew entered the most Fun and entertaining addiction.

  • Mostlyharmless1985
    Mostlyharmless1985 Hace un año +7

    18:53 Sumo beanbags. And yes, they are the most comfortable things in the world. Similar price point to the moonpod though, but you know, actually made of something.

  • Desmond Dolan
    Desmond Dolan Hace 2 meses +1

    Looking at the bag, I was expecting candy that was more reminiscent of marshmellows or [pepper]mints. The disappoint I felt after seeing the real cannot be summed up in words

  • Dan B
    Dan B Hace un año +2969

    The fact that he bought a literal space helmet for the same amount of money as a big poop filled with beans is hysterical.

    • Will Chapman
      Will Chapman Hace 8 meses +1

      @Riskyy lies

    • commder cat 10
      commder cat 10 Hace un año +7

      Why are there so many links here also that bean bag is so much money

    • ////
      //// Hace un año +11

      @Adriana Heiler lmao samee I legit just thought that it was an ad for tiktok when he first showed it in tbe video

    • Adriana Heiler
      Adriana Heiler Hace un año +74

      That helmet reminded me of one of his other videos where he put the glass lid of a cooking pot into a hoodie. I literally thought it's the same thing again.

    • Joshua Roehl
      Joshua Roehl Hace un año +1


  • clownMonomaniac
    clownMonomaniac Hace 8 meses +4

    15:20 as a Mexican who put spice on basically everything candy and spice is so good so idk lmaoo
    maybe its just better with tajin

  • George Szweden
    George Szweden Hace un año +22

    With the Halo helmet and bulletproof pants he's the next robocop

  • Luna
    Luna Hace un año +17

    "And they think I'm depressed" is a quote I think everyone can say

  • AstroPenguin
    AstroPenguin Hace 6 meses +1

    I love the little details in his videos. He didn't have to add the easter eggs but the fact that he did makes it wonderful

  • Rachael Brady
    Rachael Brady Hace un año +9209

    I’m really proud of Drew’s futon for pursuing a higher education.

    • Susan Sung
      Susan Sung Hace un año

      This comment aged awesome bc of Steve’s new video

    • Frykauf La Kosta
      Frykauf La Kosta Hace un año +2

      Eh, wait till the futon comes back to live in Drew’s basement because of crippling student debt.

    • sage1133
      sage1133 Hace un año +1

      Damn. A futon is really gunna go further in life than me huh D:

    • Tiny Saucer
      Tiny Saucer Hace un año

      I wish I could like a comment twice

    • Ashley P
      Ashley P Hace un año +2

      I read this comment 16 seconds into the video, knew I was in for something 😂

  • Hollis
    Hollis Hace un año +2

    I actually saw someone wearing one of those helmets in the wild and it was just as weird looking as one would think.

  • Voskanova
    Voskanova Hace 2 meses +1

    Drew trying to explain the difference of reclaining and laying is like drew trying to explain the difference between him and Dr- Danny.
    Yeah i know it's been a year

  • Rainbow Madness
    Rainbow Madness Hace 2 meses +4

    Drew: I like this ad
    the 1st guy in the ad: *full power whacks the other guy* "soft!"
    2nd guy: "It's so soft!" *falls over And dies*

  • Name
    Name Hace 23 días +1

    With the covid helmet it should be pretty easy to rig up some sort of airlock/snack hatch.

  • Madison Halla
    Madison Halla Hace un año +2326

    I just want to remind everyone that not every couch needs college, do what's best for you

    • snake and spider stew
      snake and spider stew Hace un año +5

      my couch needed to hear this..

    • Allison Avery
      Allison Avery Hace un año +3

      Mine went to community college

    • Avery
      Avery Hace un año +14

      Awww thanks there are couches out there that really needed this

    • DoomSpire
      DoomSpire Hace un año +12

      Try telling that to my parents

    • ZZZ
      ZZZ Hace un año +2

      I just layed on a futon for 12 hours 😂

  • Nahoa Life
    Nahoa Life Hace 3 meses +1

    19:44 Drew has mastered the art of funny sarcasm.

  • Eero Vahtola
    Eero Vahtola Hace 6 meses +1

    5:12 Fun fact of the day: Vuori actually means either a mountain or a lining of a piece of clothing in Finnish! It seems that the company is definitely US based but for me as a Finn it's pretty interesting that they decided to use this as the name of their brand.

  • Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis Hace un año

    This episode is so freaking funny, I love the jokes👌 well done, good work

  • Don Edwards
    Don Edwards Hace 6 meses +2

    I don't use instagram, but see ads like this on youtube all the time. The only reason it makes me mad is because every single product is BS.
    I actually LOVE commercials when they advertise things worth buying. Not shitty tik toks videos and sketchy motivational programs

  • Stark Ravn Productions
    Stark Ravn Productions Hace un año +8946

    I genuinely felt like I had wasted a lot of money just watching this, it was so visceral

    • EntropyOnline
      EntropyOnline Hace un año +15

      @Stephen Dickens he helped me because my gf really wanted that moon pod and now I can just show her this.

    • AQ
      AQ Hace un año +16

      He probably returned most of it though

    • Cabbage Mann
      Cabbage Mann Hace un año +3

      Yup me too

    • Quick Attack Films
      Quick Attack Films Hace un año +63

      @Stephen Dickens If it makes you feel any better, he spent about a grand and turned that into way more money with ad revenue. So it was more of an investment. Plus he could probably write it all off on his taxes.

      LEONARD KIPRONO Hace un año


  • •Finn•
    •Finn• Hace un año +4

    That space helmet is wild XD
    No one has ever bought that for it's intended purpose right? Only as a joke or for a costume

  • water
    water Hace 8 meses +4

    Plot Twist: Drew just filmed this video in one day and just kept changing shirts...

  • Julie Farrell
    Julie Farrell Hace un año +11

    No sane individual:
    Instagram: You wanna wake up on a pillow cube, go to the bathroom and spray your butt, then put on some expensive pants, go to your living room, sit on an expensive bean bag chair, then eat some spicy candy for breakfast, go outside with a space helmet on and see how long it takes for your neighbors to stop taking to you, and your wife leave you?

  • doe eyes
    doe eyes Hace 5 meses

    Ive come to loathe online shopping. I cant remember the last time that I was actually pleasantly surprised with a purchase.

  • TheMakeupChair
    TheMakeupChair Hace un año +3355

    I was thinking of getting a Moon pod cover and putting my cheap old bean bags in it but it’s still 100$ for just the cover 😒

    • NewPaulActs17
      NewPaulActs17 Hace un año

      @Daren dude it's like 80 degrees outside here in elgin this week...

    • Willy Lala
      Willy Lala Hace un año

      @TheMakeupChair I agree! better safe than sorry!

    • TheMakeupChair
      TheMakeupChair Hace un año +2

      @Willy Lala you’d think it would work that way but it doesn’t 🙈 I have a chronic illness so unfortunately I have to be very careful. I was thinking this might help with my leg pain but it’s still a bit too expensive.

    • TheMakeupChair
      TheMakeupChair Hace un año +2

      @misato best gurl hello ☺️

    • Jota
      Jota Hace un año +4

      @luiysia you could actually buy memory foam and silicone beads and make a bean bag yourself (or just pay a needlewoman to make it) for 1/10 of the price.

  • saycibon
    saycibon Hace 8 meses

    You're very fun and funny. Thanks for bringing me laughs in this insane world.

  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers Hace 11 meses +27

    We need more Bimbim on your channel, Drew. We just do. For world peace.

  • cattonova R
    cattonova R Hace 2 meses +1

    I’m glad I didn’t buy the moon pod before watching this. I wanted one so bad and now I’m relieved

  • Jenn
    Jenn Hace 9 meses +1

    Ever since this video my hubby and I always say "You do not need to say this lie" LOL I love pulling quotes from obscure places

  • Dinky Gunky
    Dinky Gunky Hace un año +3138

    drew telling me passive aggressively that i could just keep sitting here and not do anything to help with the beanbag really made me feel bad that i couldn’t

  • Such Nick
    Such Nick Hace 11 meses +16

    Don’t let the old “going to college” trick fool you, the futon was actually just balding

    • Caitlyn McMunn
      Caitlyn McMunn Hace 5 meses +2

      A Blues Clues reference? In my Drew Gooden video?

  • Ethan Peal
    Ethan Peal Hace 10 meses +6

    Drew where do you get pants for less than 50 bucks? Have I been getting ripped off this whole time 😱

  • Steven Garland
    Steven Garland Hace 4 meses

    I regularly watch Drew so I can fall asleep. The amount of times I have viewed this video is incredibly embarrassing. However, I have never once encountered a preroll ad.

  • the Robin
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      LEONARD KIPRONO Hace un año


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