The Guy Who Broke 2 Game Shows

  • Publicado el 30 ago 2021
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Comentarios • 5 949

  • Jyotsna Bajpai
    Jyotsna Bajpai Hace un año +45

    youtube won't let me unsubscribe

  • Kurtis Conner
    Kurtis Conner Hace un año +43

    too bad he spells his name like a chump!

  • defvent
    defvent Hace un año +12

    Drew is so confident in his craft that he can make a full video about a random episode of a show he saw last night

  • marvelousLee
    marvelousLee Hace un año +3

    My emotions while witnessing Curtis the Quizzard (quiz wizard):

  • supernova kun
    supernova kun Hace un año +7

    I'm genuinely impressed by your talent to take an obscure topic which YOU find interesting and make a video on it engrossing so many people into it as well

  • Tanya Neely
    Tanya Neely Hace un año +7


  • Pegs
    Pegs Hace un año +3

    His haircut evolution looks like him slowly becoming an evil genius doctor who creates his own race of superhumans and becomes a gameshow style dictator where if you don't know enough trivia you're executed.

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S Hace un año +7

    I think what's really funny about his reaction to the woman's joke is that the audience laughed harder at her joke than the dentist's. 😭

  • McFinnaPants
    McFinnaPants Hace un año +3

    This man has the most 1980's "smirk and head jiggle" when he's correct.

  • TonyVS
    TonyVS Hace un año +11

    Curtis is who I imagine myself to be on a gameshow, John is how I'd actually look.

  • Alex
    Alex  +1

    "What the fuck, Michelle?" made me laugh way more than it probably should have.

  • Claire
    Claire Hace un año +294

    Curtis either was a super fun guy to be around or a serial killer

  • ace dino
    ace dino Hace un año +1

    curtis's strategy is to guess when the important information will be given in the question and buzz right before that. it will take a second or so for the host to acknowledge the buzz and stop reading, so there will still be a few words spoken after the buzz, allowing curtis to get enough info to answer correctly. most people will wait until they hear the info and know the answer to buzz, but curtis gets in a little bit ahead. when other players buzz in early, they have to buzz in even before the earliest possible moment where they'll get enough info to answer, almost guaranteeing they won't actually know the question. curtis's strategy really is the best one to take in this kind of game, where the trivia is so easy that all the players were know almost all of the answers.

  • Gentleman Geek
    Gentleman Geek Hace un año +15

    Richard: "I-"

  • Jeremy Nelson
    Jeremy Nelson Hace un año +4

    Side note- this wasn’t just Curtis who dominated like this. Every $ale of the Century grand champion was the kind of person that would answer three words in. Basically, if you saw a player do this for a couple questions in a row, chances are they probably won six figures.

  • FatherTime89
    FatherTime89 Hace un año +1

    If anyone wants an idea about how Curtis is probably guessing correctly before the question is finished: In most game shows if they ask a question about an artist it's probably going to be an artist that most of the audience is going to be familiar with. So if the question asks about an artist that was also an inventor, you should probably guess "Leonardo Da Vinci" even though he wasn't the only artist who invented things. The same logic applies to other catrgories too.

  • rwolfheart
    rwolfheart Hace un año +170

    Watching this made me realize why Jeopardy is so much more fun to watch. The reason Curtis was able to keep winning, it seems to me, was because a) they can buzz in before the question is finished, b) if they get it wrong, the others don't get to try to answer, and c) the questions aren't that difficult. I'm sure he studied and practiced but they're nowhere near as challenging as Jeopardy questions, so you're far more likely to get it right with a guess.

  • Norma
    Norma Hace un año +797

    the long hair was honestly a look. made him look like a villain, which he was

  • Inspiration, Move me Brightly

    “It wasn’t a question Curtis but I’m glad to see you’re already on your bullshit” 😂😂

  • Owen
    Owen Hace un año +7

    That’s a jarring transformation Curtis made into an unhinged quiz show supervillain.