This Movie Has Every Stereotype

  • Publicado el 16 abr 2020
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Comentarios • 15 963

  • Laser Cat
    Laser Cat Hace 2 años +95

    Ugh, THIS guy is back?

  • thomas
    thomas Hace 2 años +5

    I love when movies

  • Karl Snarks
    Karl Snarks Hace un año +10

    Puting weed in your rival's pizzas sounds like the worst idea. All those stoned people will get the muchies and only buy more of your rival's pizzas.

  • Eve Isom

    As an Italian, I can confirm this is 100% accurate. My name is Luca Di Movero and I live with my Nonna and my entire extended family in a small town where we’ve owned a pizza restaurant for the past 17 generations. I’ve actually never had any food other then pizza and spaghetti. My great-grandfather was a mobster or something (this is true, according to the ‘official’ thing it was a ‘card game gone wrong’ but we all have doubts) and I go to church every Sunday and bless the pasta water when I cook. Everyone in my family is either a cook at the family restaurant or a mob boss. There is no in between.

  • Zayna Mahmood

    i think the worse part about this entire thing is that this movie was RECOMMENDED to them. meaning that someone watched this movie and liked it so much to spread the news about it.

  • Sydney Bennett
    Sydney Bennett Hace un año +1

    I just want Drew to know I used this video in my film class to discuss stereotypes and got a 100%

  • Brendan J. Smith

    Will someone PLEASE give poor Hayden a good movie to act in? He deserves it at this point.

  • SweeTEA
    SweeTEA Hace 2 años +12

    Can we talk about how this movie managed to bash indians... when indians has literally nothing to do with the plot

  • Kieran K
    Kieran K Hace un año +18

    Funny story, one of my former co-workers was an extra in the scene where everyone is high and going crazy in the restaurant. He threw a paper airplane and it flew directly into Hayden Christensen's eye and they had to stop the scene. Fortunately, nobody knew it was him and he lived to tell me that story 2 years later.

  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers Hace un año +5

    My dark skinned, native born Sicilian father does not approve of this movie. But he does approve of eating pizza at any given moment. Also, why do movies act like a Brooklyn accent is synonymous with an Italian accent lol.

  • Me Doing Stuff

    If anyone was allergic to weed like I am, the movie would take a darker turn with the pizza pranks.

  • Scrimbo
    Scrimbo Hace un año +8

    No one is talking about how Drew said “I have the high ground Nikki” that was so funny

  • Lisa Maree Crothers

    As a person that's worked in a pizzeria for years, the dad joke about the pizza being round when the guy asks him how long it's gonna be made me smile, because you have no idea how many people asked me that question working there because a lot of people think pizzerias are like a little Caesars and you can get your pizza ready within 5 minutes but it took like 20 minutes there since everything was made fresh

  • anna hall
    anna hall Hace 2 años +24

    i’m so glad amanda’s husband made an appearance

  • Skrot
    Skrot Hace un año +1

    “love isn’t words! Its one word” underrated joke.

  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell George Hace un año +2

    If the pizzas were drugged with weed, wouldn’t that give the pizzeria more business since all their customers now have the munchies?

  • pastaconnoisseur


  • Abby Ayala
    Abby Ayala Hace un año +5

    "If Hayden Christensen brought me some pizza there'd be two different sausages I'd be sucking on" 😭

  • Alexis Williamson

    My apartment is right above where they filmed this movie. I remember hearing them film the scene where the Indian guy says the thing about cows being sacred right outside my window and I had those lines memorized because they had to do 30 takes to get it right.

  • 2kn111
    2kn111 Hace 2 años +8

    Theory: This movie was written in 2005 but the script got lost behind Hayden Christensen’s couch until he moved in 2018 and he picked up the script, brushed the dust off and thought “Finally, an excuse to practice my Italian accent”