MTV's Most Awkward Show

  • Publicado el 5 mar 2021
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Comentarios • 11 254

  • Saaya
    Saaya Hace un año +7

    the girl deserves an award for not immediately just decking him in the face

  • jackie malfi
    jackie malfi Hace un año +16

    This man didn’t miss her at all. His ego was so bruised when she ghosted him that he just needed to see her again to see that he can get her back and be the one to reject her. What a manipulative insecure freak lmao

  • Monster Mash
    Monster Mash Hace un año +13

    This shit is one of the reasons why some women won’t leave their abusers. The fear of being stalked and harassed by your ex is so real and so scary, this entire concept makes me furious

  • Annie
    Annie Hace un año +6

    This show is literally backwards on its ethics and morals. This show tells its audience that If you ghost someone you are the bad guy no matter how toxic, manipulative and horrible the other person is. I watched the pilot episode and was disgusted how morally wrong the two hosts were towards the man that ghosted his ex. She was loud, controlling, vindictive and abusive towards him (trying to tell him who he can and can't hang out with, constantly going through his phone, he couldn't leave the house without her, verbally abused him, kept taking money from him). His reasoning for why he ghosted her and left the state instead of just talking it out was that he was afraid of what she'll do to him. THEN the two hosts had the AUDACITY to say "Well, you're a 6 foot athletic man and you are scared of a woman? she clearly loved you and did so much for you It was wrong for you to do that to this innocent woman." The girl also loved to have sex a lot, but the man said on multiple occasions that the sex life was too much and on many nights he didn't want to sleep with her but she'll force him anyway. If he didn't agree to sleep with her she'd hit him. The hosts responded with "You're a man don't pretend you didn't like having sex with this attractive woman." RIGHT AFTER he said he didn't liked how she forced him to sleep with him and if he didn't she'd start physically assaulting him. I HATE these hosts so much I stopped watching it after the pilot episode and it infuriates me that those two continue to do this. Have they no fucking shame???

  • Ashton?
    Ashton? Hace un año +9

    Just so everyone knows, it is completely okay to ghost someone if they are manipulating you, abusing you, or exhibiting toxic behaviors. You are not obligated to “talk it out” with someone who won’t listen to you.

  • Haley DiF
    Haley DiF Hace un año +6

    "Jordan is actually openly bisexual"

  • Amelia Staples
    Amelia Staples Hace un año +13

    This is a great show for abusers to find a final way to victimize their exes lol

  • Delcene The Manlyman
    Delcene The Manlyman Hace un año +12

    Ok can we talk about the fact that he compared her being openly bisexual to him being "half a virgin still" like her being bi has ANYTHING to do with her amount sexual activity

  • E
    E Hace un año +4

    As much I like Drew’s content, the show is so gross and uncomfortable that this one was genuinely hard to sit through. I hope Jordan is doing okay.

  • Justin
    Justin  +655

    "Yeah, she's openly bisexual, she calls people daddy."

  • Boudicca
    Boudicca Hace un año +1

    People are not getting the point, doesn't matter if this is fake or not, this show is normalizing abusive behavior to the kids and teenagers that watch it. That girl, fake or not, was in an abusive relationship with a manipulative piece of trash and then she was harassed by him and those other two weirdos to meet again with her abusive ex, and they forced her to admit that she was in the wrong for not wanting to talk with him anymore. That's disgusting and young people watching this could think that this is normal. That's the problem.

  • Gemini Gacha
    Gemini Gacha Hace un año +810

    Did anyone else realize that he said, “I hear that your dating a girl named Mackenzie and you have a friend named Holly” like YAH SHE HAS FRIENDS! You don’t have to be the only person you can hang out with, she can have fricken friends. I’m happy Drew is here to make fun of this sicko

  • EJ
    EJ Hace un año +5

    This dude is literally a red flag. He couldn't accept that she picked another dude, he managed to get her email without her knowledge and he's basically stalking her.

  • Lukas Sjögren
    Lukas Sjögren Hace un año +1

    I love how people think just because somebody is bi means they’re a sex god

  • Marshall H
    Marshall H Hace un año +2

    This guy seems to want everyone to believe the comedy was no big deal and that he didn't know it was gonna be offensive to her... but he went out of his way to hide it specifically from her? He knew what he was doing lmao

  • Mayra Lutteral
    Mayra Lutteral Hace un año +509

    The rewatchability of Drew's videos is amazing. I find myself rewatching his entire channel every few weeks because he's that funny

  • katherine
    katherine Hace un año +2

    Also can we talk about how he was fetishizing her for being Bi?

  • ClarrytheClam
    ClarrytheClam Hace un año +336

    He literally said that he was grateful for her naïveté in teaching him all these new things so that he could use them to get ‘better’ girls that he actually wanted wtffffff

  • Nonya B
    Nonya B Hace un año +3

    I just can’t believe he’s a comedian. He’s like the most boring looking and sounding person I’ve ever seen.

  • Woman in Wool
    Woman in Wool Hace un año +7

    "are you telling me I made jokes at your expense and gaslighted you afterwards and you're like...not offering to make it better? Nvm I don't wanna date you anymore" -the half virgin