Pretending to be Your Boyfriend (with Danny Gonzalez)

  • Publicado el 16 may 2019
  • In this episode of "uhhh can you stop doing that?", I take Danny with me down a rabbit hole of boyfriend roleplay videos. It is weird, it is uncomfortable, and it is exactly what you'd expect from a Danny and Drew collab.
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    Watch Kurtis’ video:ídeo.html
    Watch Mikaela's video:ídeo.html
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Comentarios • 19 880

  • apollo ☢️
    apollo ☢️ Hace 3 años +25

    why is danny like legitimately good at asmr

  • flofrompr0gressive

    The thought of Danny and Drew whispering and caressing their cameras in their bathrooms while their wives are at work is honestly hilarious

  • sarah cardinal
    sarah cardinal Hace un año +10

    i love that danny is so quiet it’s hard to hear but drew genuinely can not whisper

  • izzie
    izzie  +4

    ngl drew's hair is giving off some strong early-mid 2000s kindergarten bully energy

  • Harry Snothead
    Harry Snothead Hace un año +15

    I choose to believe that Danny permanently lives under Drew’s desk for real

  • Lit Vic
    Lit Vic  +4

    The second guy pretending we're "sick" 100% felt like a stalker-hostage scenario. I'm even actually sick and threw up last night, and to me the dude still feels like he's gonna decapitate me and put me in his freezer or something serial killer-ish.

  • Alysha Rediker
    Alysha Rediker Hace 3 años +25

    This is genuinely the most uncomfortable I've ever been while laughing

  • ꧁Mo0nlight_ V̶ids and more!꧂

    Here’s how you make the role play more fun: pretend that the “boyfriend” is actually a stalker and just kidnapped you.

  • minzi
    minzi Hace un año +2

    It’s so funny to imagine an ASMR boyfriend cinematic universe

  • Jcon
    Jcon  +1

    "Danny and Drew play soda-cup footsie, like lovers idly playing on a summer's day".

  • Scott Denby
    Scott Denby Hace un año +1

    "You've got a nasty bug"

  • recarnation666 (Woah.)

    How to tell the two apart: Drew calls his fanbase "guy", and Danny calls his fanbase "greg".

  • Emily Carpenter
    Emily Carpenter Hace 3 años +12

    asmr guy: good girl

  • mia
    mia Hace un año +678

    imagine if amanda came back from afganistan and laura came out of the well just to find their husbands filming themselves on the bathroom floor talking to the toilet

  • SaruJay
    SaruJay Hace un año +4

    “i would never let anyone hurt you.”

  • VioletLover

    Danny: "I felt that in real life..."

  • Mrs. October
    Mrs. October Hace un año +1

    I thought this was the dumbest thing…..riiiiiight up until I had a really bad depressive breakdown. Videos of people calmly saying it’s going to be okay were the only way I could sleep. So….thanks Dennis for providing a service I didn’t understand until I needed it! 🤣

  • D L
    D L  +121

    Nothing has ever made me feel more like a horse than Drew and Dany repeatedly petting me and telling me to "shh"

  • Vroni Rom
    Vroni Rom Hace 3 años +18

    I love how usually they deliver their jokes deadpan, with a completely straight face, but when they're together they absolutely crack each other up

  • B
    B Hace un año +956

    revealing that danny is under the desk i can't even handle that level of cinematic genius