I'm Tired of Getting Scammed

  • Publicado el 29 jun 2021
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Comentarios • 7 774

  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden  Hace un año +8

    Use code “DREW” for 20% off in the first week (10% after)

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Hace un año +36

    A scam so incompetent that it won't even let you be scammed by it when you're trying to, iconic

  • choculus
    choculus Hace un año +9

    Drew: I haven't been scammed since Runescape

  • The Zipper

    I love how most of the time, ESclipsrs are like “don’t go after anyone I’m talking about”, but Drew’s out here advocating us all to

  • B sings
    B sings Hace un año +8

    Hey Drew! Daughter of a lawyer here who’s been scammed a lot. It is totally illegal to only put positive reviews up of a product.

  • EmeraldAnnabelle
    EmeraldAnnabelle Hace un año +14

    This video was intense, Drew, but Takis are seriously intense.

  • Brynn Butler
    Brynn Butler Hace un año +6

    how much y’all wanna bet austin was just like “ok 4 times 12 is 48 so that’s how many weeks are in a year”

  • thebigJohnnyD
    thebigJohnnyD Hace un año +3

    Austin cheating his fans like he cheats on his wife

  • Nakayumota
    Nakayumota Hace un año +6

    “Paying money for homework and no feedback” Huh sounds just like college…

  • High Ground Master
    High Ground Master Hace un año +6

    Drew: "Posts bad reviews"

  • Bubbijs
    Bubbijs Hace un año +3

    I hate admitting this. But I tried tricking someone on RuneScape into giving me their password as a kid. I logged into their account, and then immediately felt guilty and logged out 😭

  • abigmonkeyforme
    abigmonkeyforme Hace un año +2

    It seems the point of the HIBM class is going right over everyone's heads.

  • Aaron Kai Mcdonald
    Aaron Kai Mcdonald Hace un año +2

    "nuture them on every plateform" has gotta be the most funniest sentence i've read in a long while.

  • 2Spooky
    2Spooky Hace un año +11

    Being the victim of a Runescape scammer honestly taught me a lot about avoiding scams.

  • stev6963
    stev6963 Hace un año +1

    I’m sorry you were scammed on Runescape, Drew. Amazingly, something similar happened when I played The Simpsons Tapped Out mobile game, people were offering to basically hack your account and give you thousands of free donuts (the premium currency in the game) and you know what? They were actually freaking honestly helping users for no cost and out of the goodness of their hearts. It was awesome. I could have lost my account (which I actually put real money into many times) but they were fortunately good hearted people who just wanted to help.

  • s4tali0
    s4tali0 Hace un año +3

    the “daddy made you your favorite open wide” bo reference- i’m crying now, thanks danny

  • MissBuyNLarge
    MissBuyNLarge Hace un año +324

    yeah, scamming your fans out of their money is bad and all, but can I just point out how comically large the door to the ACE Family home is?

  • M
    M Hace un año +831

    Drew: “It’s like homework that you pay for and you don’t get any feed back on it lol”

  • Cassie M.
    Cassie M. Hace un año +180

    I mean this in the absolute best way possible; Drew looks like an age-reversed, smoothed-out Steve Buscemi, and I'm 100% here for that

    SLOAN Hace un año +10

    I’m so happy you are covering this! The Ace family has gotten away with TOO many of their scams.