Actually the first Space Jam kinda sucked too

  • Publicado el 30 jul 2021
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Comentarios • 7 861

  • Lenin’s Cat
    Lenin’s Cat Hace un año +43

    just came from watching a Drew Gooden video and now this guy’s interrupted my day. Fucking furious

  • Ashyketchup
    Ashyketchup Hace un año +5

    Watching this as someone who’s never seen either space jam movie before, this was an experience, to say the least

  • Landon Cormier
    Landon Cormier Hace un año +8

    in the theatre when bugs died someone yelled “HES DEAD?” and i busted out laughing

  • TheMany
    TheMany Hace un año +5

    I always thought it was universally acknowledged that the first one was terrible and that’s why it’s a classic.

  • Shannon S

    Drew just casually calling them "the little alien bitches" is the funniest thing I've heard today

  • NameNTitle Here
    NameNTitle Here Hace un año +3

    Children's comedy sure has changed, I wouldn't necessarily call it evolved, but it sure has changed.

  • Rolf Henning

    I just remembered there was a time when I was about 11 I knew the entire space jam script by heart. I didn’t even know I did. One day me and my sister would just repeat one line we found funny, and then one time I decided to commit to saying as much as I could remember, and I talked out the entire fucking thing

  • Alien Enthusiast
    Alien Enthusiast Hace un año +6

    Bugs Bunny saying "That's all folks." as he dies is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

  • sassy hulk
    sassy hulk Hace un año +7

    I remember being obsessed with the original as a kid, and having no clue who Bill Murray was or why he showed up in the end. Now as an adult I know who he is, but still have no clue why he shows up in the end

  • KP
    KP Hace un año +6

    My son watched this with me when he was 4, and the only thing he got out of it was - "I wish MY dad was bald 😔"

  • jones
    jones Hace un año +1

    I just realized that Drew Gooden is like a protege of John Mulaney. Same comedic timing and vibe, love to see it.

  • TheKingOfPenguins
    TheKingOfPenguins Hace un año +5

    The director of the first Space Jam, Joe Pitka, is literally considered the commercial king. I worked on a KFC commercial with him. The first Space Jam was a Nike ad.

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell Hace un año +609

    I still think the first one is waaaaay better. No, it’s not good, and it never intended to be, but it was paced much better and the product placement wasn’t as cringey. The second one barely tells a story at all. It’s just a display of WB properties, which no one cares about because WB doesn’t brand itself the same way Disney does.

  • Mariana Yumi
    Mariana Yumi Hace un año +1

    the original space jam created a generation of furries and inflation enthusiasts. that’s why the new one’s different

  • PurpleOre123
    PurpleOre123 Hace un año +7

    "No way, Jose."

  • laurien desler
    laurien desler Hace un año +2

    “Did he just die?? DID BUGS BUNNY JUST DIE???” Made me fall off my chair laughing

  • Moritz R
    Moritz R Hace un año +576

    I count Space Jam as an inciting incident for the existence of furries. I'll even go as far as to say that the creators deliberately planted the thought of sexualized animals into childens' heads, just to see what would happen

  • The Tarántula 052
    The Tarántula 052 Hace un año +1

    I love being Mexican and watching these films dubbed.

  • LDC
    LDC  +79

    Love how at

  • Candace
    Candace Hace un año +1

    You've only convinced me all the more that the first Space Jam was the greatest movie of all time.