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  • Publicado el 18 oct 2021
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  • Drew Gooden

    Use code “DREW” for 20% off in the first week (10% after)

    CSLGSKS  +15

    The best part is when they say they “were raised right.” That implies they raised us wrong, which is their fault.

  • ApplesandOranges1967

    I was at a thrift shop the other day buying an old chair and told the guy in front of me in line (male, 60+ years old) that it was for my workbench in my basement and he said "I didn't know people your age had those." I asked no follow-up questions but I am still thinking about what it could have meant. What does he think 29 year-olds don't have? A workbench? A basement? Am I too old to have hobbies that require a table? Too young to have a house? Tell me your secrets, mystery boomer!

  • dystopyxrose

    "your medicine was a good smack"

  • Don McMoneagle

    As a boomer, I oddly support this video. If boomers wanna do social media, yet complain about the youth doing social media, this is what’s gonna happen. Also, nostalgic.

  • Worry
    Worry  +2

    I was pro-spanking until I had a kid. As I was pregnant I read like crazy about the psychological impact of spankings/slapping vs time outs and all evidence points to spanking not working the way people think it does. I was spanked a lot growing up and ended up being a drug addict at 14. It's almost like every child is different and spanking isn't a cure all! Your child will remember the fear they felt, not the lesson. Sure, they might not do it again but not because they learned its wrong to do. My son is 7 now and he hasn't thrown a tantrum since he was about 4 or 5. He cries, we talk through it and come to a mutual understanding and I make sure he feels heard. In return, when he knows I am upset he tries to do the same for me. Since this is long I will add my other example story in the comment reply.

  • Thomas
    Thomas  +301

    How to scare the new generation: lock them in a room with no food, no water, and no escape and watch them get triggered!

  • kira-lily m

    My favourite thing about boomers praising themselves for being 'raised right' is them criticising younger generations for not being 'raised right' as if it wasnt them doing the raising

  • Simpforbangtan

    Pretty soon it's gonna be "Who remembers hearing your parents yelling and fighting in the living room at night"

  • Rainandhail

    For any angry boomers out there treating cursive like god language, I will confirm as someone in the younger generation who loved it and learned it enthusiastically, that no, it's not. I've literally never used it. The only thing I've gained from it is like 2 compliments from old people who said my handwriting was pretty. That's it. As someone who still kinda loves cursive, stop pushing people away and treating it like the most useful thing in the world when it's just letters but fancy.

  • Maija Shea
    Maija Shea  +259

    “We didn’t have behavioural disorders back then” yeah, you didn’t have the medical research in order to diagnose your child. Imagine being mad that human psychology is more understood and that children can have their needs accommodated to live a happier life

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C  +854

    When people say: Seat-belts are dumb, back in my days, we used to ride on the carrier of the truck, standing up, going at 80 miles per hour and we survived.

  • Firestarhk
    Firestarhk  +119

    The “we used to be able to make jokes” thing is rich coming from people who get offended over the existence of

  • Becca Becca

    "we were raised with MANNERS" bro literally anyone who has worked in customer service knows that old people are the rudest and coldest age group

  • MonsterGuyX

    The irony is that "the 'Me' Generation" is a phrase that was literally coined to describe Baby Boomers, by their own parents' generation.

  • Jessica
    Jessica  +413

    the last serious argument I had with my boomer parents was when I had to explain to them why it wasn't okay to whistle and then snap their fingers at a store employee when they needed help. Same people who post memes on fb all the time about how nowadays nobody treats others with respect and nobody has manners.

  • p
    p  +655

    the cursive thing confuses me because they act like cursive hasn’t been taught in around twenty or thirty years, when my second grade teacher taught us how to write in cursive in 2012

  • Luka
    Luka  +667

    I love how they're all so proud of themselves for being able to write in cursive. Like idk about America but here we're taught to write cursive in both Latin and Cyrillic in like the second grade, its nothing to feel special about

  • Olivia Pitz

    My dad makes straight up racist jokes and when i look at him like “wtf” he goes “but of course we can’t say that nowadays”

  • Toomany Francis

    I like how they say that 70s-90s music is better than modern pop music, as if their parents didn't claim that rock music was invented by the devil.