Rich People Have Bad Taste

  • Publicado el 30 ene 2021
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Comentarios • 13 697

  • shrunkenmonkey5
    shrunkenmonkey5 Hace un año +76264

    The pinned comment sucks

  • Kelly McCoy
    Kelly McCoy Hace un año +5561

    If they taste this bad maybe we shouldn’t eat them after all

    • HungerGamesFan88
      HungerGamesFan88 Hace 2 días

      eh, blend em into a milkshake, itll be fine. hell, make it vegan so it can be enjoyed by those lacking in lactase (and those who are able to withstand foregoing the tastiness of meat for the better treatment of other animals o7)

    • yeet boiii
      yeet boiii Hace 13 días

      @Mochi Yoongs Cringe

    • BuckFiftyHotdogs
      BuckFiftyHotdogs Hace un mes

      Just use them as fertilizer then I guess

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes

      @Amity Jacobson probably their manager are the rich ones, kpop idols all work under the worst working conditions.

    • MollysMiniStuff
      MollysMiniStuff Hace un año +1

      @Sally R Since they're diamond encrusted, it makes them crunchier.

  • Sebastian Pereira
    Sebastian Pereira Hace 7 meses +4015

    “A private concert for 5 people”
    I can’t imagine how terribly awkward that would be, having a celebrity sing for 5 people in an abnormally large room where it definitely echoes the awkward sounds of silence

    • ModernEphemera
      ModernEphemera Hace un mes +2

      @Cnut The Grape Rich people absolutely feel awkward, that’s why they spend $100 million on a weird goofy house that they think will make people want to hang out with them

    • king rowan of the trees
      king rowan of the trees Hace un mes +1

      imagine. if they sang. the sound of silence.

    • Several Fighters
      Several Fighters Hace un mes

      @Nick Papageorgio RIP Scott The Woz

    • The Happy Loaf
      The Happy Loaf Hace un mes +1

      Nah it would've been great. Depends on the people

    • Nick Papageorgio
      Nick Papageorgio Hace un mes

      They probably sacrificed some virgins and summoned a demon or some sh*t

  • Jeremy Daniel
    Jeremy Daniel Hace 10 meses +5272

    As a private chef, it's actually really nice to have your work kitchen be separate so the billionaires' families don't come wandering in looking for a snack while you're working.

    • 류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・
      류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・ Hace 19 horas

      @PenguinLord10 because assuming that an entire demographic of people based on a single stereotype is an inherently terrible thing to do. i have a lot of friends who are of higher socio-economic status than me, and they are just as hardworking and kind and passionate as i am. literally everyone knows that discriminating people based on racial/cultural/gender stereotypes is wrong, and so is this.

    • PenguinLord10
      PenguinLord10 Hace un día

      @류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・ I don't understand why you're so eager to defend the indefensible. What do you have to gain from shilling for people with more money than morals?

    • MRMRwayne
      MRMRwayne Hace 16 días

      wait billionaires kids exist as normal people too?

    • Parth Mudgal
      Parth Mudgal Hace 18 días

      Jeremy Daniel make a cooking channel.

    • :D hi
      :D hi Hace 28 días

      @Garbage Ilearsi why is it like a bad thing? like okay they're help????now whats the problem?????

  • Dane Roberts
    Dane Roberts Hace 8 meses +2678

    I love that Dakora Johnson saw a comically huge pile of limes in her kitchen and realised it was weird to ignore it

    • MrFredstt
      MrFredstt Hace un mes

      @roxanne Then what's the point of even filming "their" house?

    • roxanne
      roxanne Hace un mes +1

      @MrFredstt don’t you understand that nobody would show something as private as your house? Especially Dakota, she is very private and loves to keep it that way.

    • MrFredstt
      MrFredstt Hace un mes

      My question is why did they even have a set? Be confident enough to show how your house actually looks

    • LilyTheFox
      LilyTheFox Hace un mes +10

      I wish the people in this comment section knew that lying about a stupid fudging thing like liking limes isn't bad. Tell me, when you read a story to a child, are you lying? The story's not true! So it must be a sin, right??? No, because it's all just a story, it's *fun*, not meant to hurt someone. Same with the limes (also, she probably wasn't thinking straight)

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes +1

      @Stöpske how is it not lying? She said something that isn't the truth, she herself doesn't think its the truth and she called it lying. It is literally just lying.

  • Airahar
    Airahar Hace 11 meses +1008

    Big manor houses made sense when people who owned such houses also had staff and held extravagant parties where guests stayed for days. Now a big house like that is just an eccentric collection of taste and interests meant to display how much wealth they have.

    • nineteenfortyeight
      nineteenfortyeight Hace un día

      They would have hella guests for long periods of time. That's just how they socialized. I envy that. I have zero envy for these tasteless, probably lonely showoffs.

    • Hawa Jade
      Hawa Jade Hace 11 días

      Yeah, I read a lot of books writen in the 1900s and that is exactly what the people with big houses did, quite often. It makes me wonder if some of the rich people now a days do that (and I am just not made aware of it), or not. All that space is just for them.

    • yokuku
      yokuku Hace 2 meses +1

      @Sara Samaletdin True

    • Sara Samaletdin
      Sara Samaletdin Hace 3 meses +9

      However the beginning of the video is just saying that modern houses look good and other styles don’t. I don’t really think super rich only have bad taste, people who have less money can have bad taste as well. And many don’t like modern style.

    • lolwutizit
      lolwutizit Hace 4 meses +63

      @Edison Lima Yeah, but if you go somewhere in the city, you might catch a glimpse, or, god forbid, have to interact with _the_ _poors_ .

  • rosalie rowan
    rosalie rowan Hace un año +21733

    A "flower cutting room" is something I'd make in the Sims 4 when I accidentaly make the house too big

    • Gigi Forever
      Gigi Forever Hace 13 días

      lmao this is the most accurate comment i’ve ever seen

    • ivory—калина
      ivory—калина Hace un mes

      no way
      i agree to a massive extent

    • LonelySheepling
      LonelySheepling Hace un mes

      Make the room too big and you have to figure out what to put in the center or it looks awkward so you put a big plant or vase there

    • Mortan Á. Mørk
      Mortan Á. Mørk Hace un mes

      isnt a flower cutting room a shed?

    • SolarFlurry
      SolarFlurry Hace un mes

      Same 💀

  • Al Irwin
    Al Irwin Hace 10 meses +2129

    I love that having an ATM in the “party room” implies that the arcade games require actual money to use. Like these people could have easily gotten ones that you don’t have to pay for, but they made the decision to require a fee and instal in ATM next to them. Like, this is YOUR game in YOUR house my man. It’s like if I had to pay MYSELF a dollar every time I played my switch.

    • Maddie B.
      Maddie B. Hace 20 días +2

      It’s definitely for gambling or as someone else mentioned for strippers

    • MrFredstt
      MrFredstt Hace un mes +3

      @Kriswixx LMFAO!

    • An Error Has Occurred
      An Error Has Occurred Hace un mes +5

      Pretty sure it’s for gambling.

    • Milk Money Problems
      Milk Money Problems Hace un mes +2

      so no fee. Done!

    • Crumb Cricket
      Crumb Cricket Hace 3 meses +4

      like im sure you could mess with the machines to allow it to give you back your quarter or something

  • electra heart
    electra heart Hace 10 meses +594

    okay it is hilarious that she panicked about having so many limes in her kitchen that she just went on a fake monologue about how much she loved limes, but on the other hand, her kitchen is very nice. it's cozy and green and feels like a place people actually live rather than the soulless, minimalist nightmare that a lot of rich houses fall into. plus, her house isn't obnoxiously, unusably big like the ones in the video.

    • Cat
      Cat Hace un mes +1


    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes +1

      It feels like a place people actually live but nobody lives there 98% of the time.

    • 𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
      𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖 ☹︎ Hace un mes +11

      @Frida Herbst yea same, either that or like a Victorian mansion with twelve floors. Id be cool with either

    • Frida Herbst
      Frida Herbst Hace 3 meses +36

      So true! I would love to have a lot of money just to have a cozy house with high quality furniture. In my head it looks something like this

    • Noah Silverman
      Noah Silverman Hace 8 meses +26

      Her house was the best AD house

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage Hace 5 meses +215

    And that is how you launder money.
    "Why yes, Mr. IRS, I made $200,550,876.97 from my private arcade business... in my home... I don't even know what cocaine tastes like."

  • Gabriel Archambault
    Gabriel Archambault Hace 8 meses +222

    -Actual private chef here
    Having a seperate kitchen actually is a huge blessing. Cooking for a dinner party with children runing in the kitchen and all the guests constantly asking for extra shit or quick snacks etc can really cut efficiency and can be annoying.
    Having your own space to work undistracted can really be a blessing

  • Kvasir
    Kvasir Hace un año +8437

    I dont get why someone would need so many rooms. Id be fine with a bedroom, living room, pool room, dart room, chess room, bar, home cinema, afternoon tea nook, dining room, second dining room for fancier dinners, breakfast room, home gym and maybe a few spare rooms for whatever activity I come up with. I'm just a normal guy, don't want anything excessive.

    • Jay Edgar
      Jay Edgar Hace 5 días

      Did you forget about the indoor lazy river/tiki bar or do you just not have one of those?

    • Hawa Jade
      Hawa Jade Hace 11 días

      Lol, love this. I often wonder about all of the rooms in these mansions and just how big the house/mansions are in general. It seems like many rich people like to have a lot of conveniences and allow themselves to become quite lazy, which I understand, I am also quite lazy (albiet poor). But, I know that I wouldn't even want a large house, none the less a mansion, because I don't want to have to cover to much ground when traveling from point A to point B. My dream is a moderate amount of space and useful plus multifunctioning rooms. All of this of course dependent on how many people actually live in the house and how often guess stay over. So, that always confused me. I guess it does come down to what you are willing to put more effort and energy into and what you choose not to.

    • a name • 69y ago
      a name • 69y ago Hace 20 días

      chess room does sound kinda nice tbh

    • Strykebolten
      Strykebolten Hace 29 días

      Dumb what about your flower cutting room?!?!

    • Triceratops98
      Triceratops98 Hace un mes

      You dont need a flower cutting room?

  • Katelyn Pringle
    Katelyn Pringle Hace un mes +55

    “Private theaters people tend not to use, cause they have to walk all the way to the basement.”
    there’s no way this man isn’t fucking with us

  • Lydia Zap
    Lydia Zap Hace 8 meses +92

    A year later and I'm still baffled by the private ATM. Why is it there? Does someone from the bank come into the party basement to service it? Is it for guests to use, and if so, why would any guests ever want to do that? If it's for the family to use, how is having an in-home ATM better than simply having a vault with some cash in it?

    • Lydia Zap
      Lydia Zap Hace 5 días

      @Cee Emm oh. that actually makes a lot of sense.

    • Cee Emm
      Cee Emm Hace 5 días +1


  • Justin S
    Justin S Hace 9 meses +70

    If I had that much money I'd purchase a normal suburban house and then install the batcave garage underneath it

    • NoiseDay
      NoiseDay Hace 10 días

      If I had that much money, I'd solve the homelessness crisis in my hometown.
      Or I'd get a VR room. That might be pretty cool

    • just a smøl tøwn gir
      just a smøl tøwn gir Hace 8 meses +2


  • ClockFink
    ClockFink Hace 8 meses +151

    If I ever had to own an absurd pretentious mansion (if I somehow ended up important enough I was forced to put on airs or whatever), a plan of mine since I was a preteen is that I’d want to just have an otter room.
    Just like an entire room dedicated to an otter habitat.
    And any tours I gave would include it, but I’d make a point to NEVER acknowledge it’s absurdity. Just deadpan act like I obviously think this is a normal part of every American household.
    “Yeah, just your standard otter room. I didn’t want mine to be too ostentatious, so I asked the architect to keep it very modest. 4 otters, slide, oyster dispenser; no need for anything special, just the most compulsory basics of your token otter room. Anyway, let’s move on to the laundry room.”

    • Jay Edgar
      Jay Edgar Hace 5 días +1

      Yeah, we originally thought that it would be great to have the otter room next to our bedroom but then you get that problem (you know the one) where the otters have nightmares and try to sleep in your bed

    • Irish Jet
      Irish Jet Hace un mes +3

      Oh my gosh, I wanted a pet river otter as a kid so badly! My plan was to have a pool in our backyard that connected to his habitat, and put a diving board out of the second floor into the pool. There would also be glass wall in our basement that would let the otter see in from the pool, so he could watch movies with us while swimming around.
      Real life has been a lot less whimsical than 10-year-old me thought.

    • MrFredstt
      MrFredstt Hace un mes +2

      @Chewbecca So just an ordinary Frenchman did that? Please you gotta link the vid or give the name

    • Cat
      Cat Hace un mes


    • Chewbecca
      Chewbecca Hace un mes +20

      There's this incredible show on ESclips which follows a French man who spent decades manually digging and building and extension to his basement, which he turned into a multi level reptile zoo. His whole house is a giant vivarium. He's not even rich, it took him years because he did it with a shovel and got most of the materials through donations.

  • Lozoot2
    Lozoot2 Hace un año +30287

    The fact that Drew would name his kid "Drew Jr" and not "Drewnior" makes me deeply concerned for his wellbeing.

    • in my opinion
      in my opinion Hace 5 meses

      i hate this comment

    • Silverboa
      Silverboa Hace 5 meses

      Omg and then there could be a Drewnior Jr.!

    • Catfeathers
      Catfeathers Hace 5 meses

      @Dragon Fire me too! I was so confused

    • Dragon Fire
      Dragon Fire Hace 6 meses +1

      I read this as Drew-Noir and was thinking like Spider-Man Noir… little baby who acts like he’s in the 1950s solving crime and everyone just treats this as Normal

    • Haley White
      Haley White Hace 8 meses

      i’m a year late but that was my first thought too lmfaoooo

  • Jamie Salemi
    Jamie Salemi Hace 8 meses +177

    This is my comfort video. I have watched it like at least five times, but "Drew Junior, I made egg!" just gives me an effusive sense of joy I can get nowhere else.

  • thornprick
    thornprick Hace 11 meses +436

    The best is when regular people do funky things with their homes bc then it's like, their life surrounds it. Rather than it being rooms they never see. My sister's friend from HS had a terrible house fire when he was a kid so the parents were like "fuck it. Let's make the most of this situation" so their new house's living room was just a baseball field carpet with lockers and a couple stadium seats on the side. And it stayed that way like my sister has so many fond memories of her and her friends running the bases at HS parties lol. They also had a den so instead of having a living room with chairs that you don't sit in, they had that.
    And then they had their elementary school aged son paint the tiles for the kitchen backsplash and he made fruit with faces. The kitchen was (is) also wizard of oz themed? And the den was (is) Hollywood themed. The small entryway is also like, sea themed so there's lots of little things from when their son was a kid and they 'commissioned' him to help decorate the house :)

    • Perfect Protagonist
      Perfect Protagonist Hace 2 meses +5

      When my mom was a kid, she wrote her full name and phone number on the wall of the house she lived in at the time. Then a few years ago, she was contacted on Facebook by someone who now lives in that same house and found her name and old phone number while doing renovations. They decided to have their kids do the same thing before covering it back up. Maybe it might be discovered again one day.

    • Zenflower54
      Zenflower54 Hace 2 meses +8

      We have something similar! We have three framed murals in our hallway, made by one of my brother's best friends. She painted one when she was young, and about 2 years ago she repainted them with more expertise and I adore it. We also have scripture written on the wall that's my mom's room, and another wall that's also written on. I feel like most homeowners, let alone millionaires, wouldn't dare write on their walls, but it's what makes it ours.

    • Velvet Cake
      Velvet Cake Hace 7 meses +17

      That sounds so beautiful! :)))

    • Richard Bourton
      Richard Bourton Hace 10 meses +52

      That sounds so delightfully charming!

  • Bronwyn Bacon
    Bronwyn Bacon Hace 9 meses +140

    I actually did have a client who had both a gift wrapping room and a flower cutting room. They hired florists and gift wrappers around holidays. It was wild, but they were really nice folks.

  • Ayisaaa
    Ayisaaa Hace 7 meses +92

    I feel like having a separate kitchen for the chef was actually a good idea. I can see my chef gets annoyed when I wander in looking for a snack or something, and I get annoyed too when I'm cooking and someone interrupts😄

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes +2

      @Alexis Ventura literally said when not if

    • Alexis Ventura
      Alexis Ventura Hace 2 meses +1

      @lolwutizit he meant "I" as in if i was the rich guy. he didnt mean to say that he _is_ the rich guy.

    • Ayisaaa
      Ayisaaa Hace 4 meses +8

      Lol I wasn't trying to flex, just trying to make a point. I can see how it seems obnoxious though. Sorry

    • lolwutizit
      lolwutizit Hace 4 meses +2

      Not a very subtle flex there

  • originaldeviltongue
    originaldeviltongue Hace un año +6383

    As someone who's worked in the kitchen of a high-class restaurant: Having the kitchen away from the family was definitely for the chef's benefit.

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes +4

      Normal people don't like to see rich people as much as rich people don't like to see normal people.

    • DarthDose
      DarthDose Hace un mes +2

      @em ma Yeah, who doesn't know those rich people paying uncompetitive wwages expecting great food. Mate, are you serious? Rich people don't want bad food, so they'll obviously willingly pay a competitive wage to even get proper chefs willing to work as a private chef. Otherwise they'll earn their worth in great restaurants. No one capable of paying for a private chef has to skimp on their wage to the point of not getting a proper chef.

    • Mikeyreza
      Mikeyreza Hace un mes +1

      Yea I was thinking that, if I was working as a chef I'd definitely like to be separate from the family, even if I have to use the smaller kitchen.

    • An Error Has Occurred
      An Error Has Occurred Hace un mes +5

      Yes I can’t imagine _wanting_ to do such a busy job around clients (especially their kids) 💀

    • Ryudhal
      Ryudhal Hace un mes

      @em ma "minimum wage" what? Are you insane? Such an asinine comment from an entirely ignorant starting assumption lmfao

  • Fifi M
    Fifi M Hace 8 meses +76

    here’s the thing about rich people. they can just be impulsive to an insane degree with zero financial damage. I’ve seen people get super into the idea of renovating a certain room, hiring someone to show them options, picking them, and then getting bored like a month later. The same way some people do when buying a new outfit or picking up a new hobby.

  • Caidalee
    Caidalee Hace 6 meses +13

    If you aren’t holding extravagant balls and having everyone stay over in their own room along with their own servants etc, then you don’t deserve your mansion. Them’s the rules.

  • chrisserrific
    chrisserrific Hace 8 meses +41

    I feel bad for the grandkids who are inevitably going to have to turn these monstrosities into tourist attractions, or B&Bs.

    • NoiseDay
      NoiseDay Hace 10 días +3

      Don't feel bad for the grandkids if they get to inherit a mansion

  • MajorIndecision
    MajorIndecision Hace 6 meses +45

    Oh, the editing at 1:08 is a really nice detail! Like the video was already recorded at that point, since he has it on his phone, but he made the decision to add the little skit. Rich people might have bad taste, but Drew’s taste is great

    • M&M
      M&M Hace 2 meses +1

      That stood out to me as well!

    • MUG
      MUG Hace 5 meses +4

      Was gonna comment about this but decided to scroll to see if anyone else did. I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more comments about this.

  • La Reina
    La Reina Hace 9 meses +68

    I actually understand the 'chefs kitchen' thing. Anyone who ever worked in gastronomy might as well. It's really beneficial for the chef to be alone in his kitchen.

    • Gianna
      Gianna Hace un mes

      No but the upstairs kitchen was just near the living room. To me it sounded like they didn't want to have the staff anywhere near the family so they have to work downstairs, like people use to do a hundred years ago.

    • Tony Hakston
      Tony Hakston Hace 3 meses


  • anonymous blobfish
    anonymous blobfish Hace 8 meses +48

    flower cutting rooms and flower arranging rooms are a feature of some very decadent mansions, like Stan Hywet, built by the Seiberlings in the early 1900s. i get maybe having some vintage or historical features in your house because you have an interest in that stuff, but these houses are just plain gaudy.

    • hallie fritsch
      hallie fritsch Hace 6 días

      oh i LOVE stan hywet!! i grew up about 30 minutes away from it, and my grandmother is a volunteer there so i go about once a year

  • jssgarden
    jssgarden Hace 10 meses +11

    I think the funniest thing I've seen in people's house is " I have this massive living room that I don't use, I prefer this smaller living room because it's cozy." Like why did you even build that massive room to begin with?

  • An Account
    An Account Hace 7 meses +63

    I love how every time they cut to this guy in the video, he's in the most awkward position, like he's scared to be there.

    • Tiny Saucer
      Tiny Saucer Hace 5 meses +12

      Always feels like the camera man walked in on him doing something he's not supposed to do and the man is just doing his best to act natural

  • Emily Suzannet
    Emily Suzannet Hace un año +3266

    The dumbest thing about most of these rich people's houses is, if they're working as hard as they always claim they do, how do they even have time to enjoy 95% of what they've had built?

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes

      @Hedvig Johansson most of Elon Musks money is tied to Tesla stock, so when the Tesla bubble inevitably pops he will loos most of it.

    • Tinfoil Homer
      Tinfoil Homer Hace un año

      @Joy and Peaceful Laughter Pewdiepie managed to get burgled in Japan. You'd think home security would be on a rich man's list.

    • Sachin Nediyanchath
      Sachin Nediyanchath Hace un año +1

      Shh uber capitalism wants you to not think about 😂😭🤷🏾

    • Black Rose
      Black Rose Hace un año +1

      Theres videos on peoplewho own large houses and how they earned it
      Its a lot of "I own a company, a business, the stock market"
      So basically, they had money and it makes them a lot more now

    • Miscellaneous Media
      Miscellaneous Media Hace un año

      @Savage Lynel Butt Plug 100% that's what it is

  • K PT
    K PT Hace 11 meses +31

    Really wish you'd make a part 2 for this. This is so much to watch.

  • M.W.F.
    M.W.F. Hace 5 meses +17

    I honest to god believe that 90 % of the people who own these big ass mansions dont live there like 360 days of the year. whenever they try to show rooms, it just looks like the wander into the rooms for the first time themselves xD

  • Sydney Bennett
    Sydney Bennett Hace 3 meses +17

    I’m so stoned right now watching this for probably over the 10th time in my life and I can’t stop laughing and rewinding him saying “nuh-uh-uh- daddy gotta shine those shoes😎”

  • Do at Midnight
    Do at Midnight Hace 3 meses +4

    Hey! I like your stuff. I like your voice, your tone,your demeanor, and other things. I am hesitant to branch outside of the few people I watch but you charmed me out of my shell. Subbed.

  • midwestcryptid
    midwestcryptid Hace 9 meses +33

    the unnecessary “he said the title of the video!” bit is why i love drew’s comedy

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm Hace 11 meses +18

    out of everyone's my favourite was probably Dita because she clearly picked out and loves everything in her house and also gives no effs about what anyone thinks.

  • Just a bean
    Just a bean Hace 8 meses +6

    Dakota lying about limes is me with my anxiety. One time I had a friend come over and we were going through my closet and found my sister's dress (it was accidentally put in there by my mom) and I just was like "Oh yeah I love that dress"

  • Blair Doucette
    Blair Doucette Hace un año +19

    I know he jokes about the rich person framing the “hey there’s another kitchen that the chef cooks in” as if it’s for the chef’s benefit, but my god cooking with people around is the worst especially if they don’t help

  • hjt091
    hjt091 Hace un año +6243

    To be fair, it probably is quite a hassle to go downstairs when your house is so big the basement is in a different time zone.

    • Susan Ma
      Susan Ma Hace 8 meses +110

      Yeah, but why did he not install an elevator? Somebody really dropped the ball on that one.

    • Rat Dragon
      Rat Dragon Hace 8 meses +36

      Ain't that the truth

  • Johnnny shmuel
    Johnnny shmuel Hace 2 meses +15

    is it bad that this video described my grandparents' old home? like my grandma had a dedicated room for gift wrapping, I feel like that is kind of unnecessary.
    edit: I just realized, that at my grandparents' old beach house they had the entire basement dedicated to the chefs below everyone else, so they wouldn't cook in the middle. Sigh, Drew nailed this one.

  • Dirty Cheeto
    Dirty Cheeto Hace 8 meses +6

    the fact that when you have a budget of 100 million dollars doesn't directly translate to "I'm gonna literally live in a fucking castle" says enough

    • nineteenfortyeight
      nineteenfortyeight Hace un día

      You can buy a castle for 1 mill. Nowhere near ostentatious enough.

  • Me
    Me Hace 7 meses +5

    it must be hard having an eleventy-story mansion in space where the basement goes all the way down to the *tenth* circle of hell.

  • babahu15
    babahu15 Hace 11 meses +24

    Alex Rodriguez's wooden hammock (8:24) looks like an antique birthing chair

  • Dane Lyman
    Dane Lyman Hace un año +3477

    I just can't imagine owning a movie theater, a bowling alley, an arcade, or any of that shit in my house and not sharing it with everybody. It just blows me away thinking most of these sick rooms are empty while they're doing some boring shit

    • Geography, History, Geo Politics and more
      Geography, History, Geo Politics and more Hace un mes

      Money corrupts. I doubt you would.

    • Arden G 🎗
      Arden G 🎗 Hace 7 meses

      honestly having those would be cool but only if my friends were there. my main problem with cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades, etc is that so many other people are there and my social anxiety is a bitch

    • Isha Thakor
      Isha Thakor Hace 7 meses

      i would literally live with like 20 people if i had all that shit in my house and just go bowling every day

    • AhhH!
      AhhH! Hace 8 meses +3

      If I was rich I'd love to own an ice rink, I'd close it when I wanted the rink for myself, but I'd leave it open and free for public use anytime I'm not because I probably won't use it a lot of the time

    • Damien Blackmore
      Damien Blackmore Hace 8 meses

      @Amanda S If you genuinely think it's purely for games, you'd be horribly mistaken.

  • Samira J.
    Samira J. Hace 6 meses +3

    I've never watched anything on your channel before this video; I'm only 5 minutes and 30 seconds into it, and your perfect commentary of the absurd features of the architectural digest videos are cracking me up. I'm interested in watching more of your channel. Great job with this one man :)

  • Skyler Witney
    Skyler Witney Hace 3 meses +11

    In my design and tech class I was shown absolutely absurd chairs that didn't even look functional for my "Modern designs movement" project. Can confirm that they were all expensive as fuck

  • Ryan50Ryan
    Ryan50Ryan Hace 8 meses +15

    Ok, real talk: I would love a ski lift to take me from one of my houses to the other.
    Barring that I would love to own two houses.
    Barring that I would love to own one house.
    What I'm saying is I can't afford a house.

  • Reagan Bartels
    Reagan Bartels Hace 6 meses +5

    "So I thought it would be cool if I put a rail system connecting my house to my other houses" is one of those phrases I thought I would only hear in reference to Minecraft.

  • Gustavo Román
    Gustavo Román Hace un año +2163

    Drew going after minimalists and rich people. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    • Kat
      Kat Hace un año

      @WhatTheHell AmIDoingWithMyLife that is true, just felt the need to point that out but yeah sorry if i was pushing thr topic too general this time

    • Ezra
      Ezra Hace un año +3

      They're the same thing

    • Kat
      Kat Hace un año +26

      @The Dark Overlord not always, sometimes it's people who have been or are struggling money-wise and they get into that mindset to save

    • The Dark Overlord
      The Dark Overlord Hace un año +33

      Except those minimalist guys are rich.

    • Stranger Fandomz
      Stranger Fandomz Hace un año +8

      You quoted thanos at drew!!! 👏🏻

  • DH
    DH Hace 6 meses +21

    My theory:
    Money makes people stupid. People having too much money actually hurts the free market economy, because they no longer have to make logical buying decisions and don't have to consider pros and cons and weigh alternatives...

    • J.J. Shank
      J.J. Shank Hace 5 meses +11

      At the very least, consider that making those rooms cost a lot of money, and that money flowed into the pockets of the architects, construction workers, and utility engineers who can then use the money more effectively in their own transactions.
      On the other hand, then you have a useless room that took up the valuable time and materials and effort of some folks who could have been building apartments for homeless people instead. So there's that.

  • Alex Purol
    Alex Purol Hace 5 meses +2

    I can really tell how much effort you put into your comedy for this video. Its usually great but you really nailed it on this one bud

  • Celetial
    Celetial Hace 23 horas

    it would have been so much more organic and natural for her to just be like “lmao why are there limes in my kitchen”

  • alex1
    alex1 Hace un mes +2

    If I had an ATM room for every time someone owed me money but had excuses, I'd be able to afford that house too.

  • Bug2246
    Bug2246 Hace 9 meses +8

    The thing with mansions is they were made to house your whole extended family for months at time Becuase travel was slow slow you weren’t going to only spend a day there.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Hace 8 meses +3

      People also forget the oldie mansions were so big because they had massive numbers of staff. Large manor houses might legit have had like a hundred servants in various roles.

  • Kori Sauder
    Kori Sauder Hace 5 meses +4

    5:30 this is the hardest I've laughed today and it's specifically at the zoom-in of the vent while you describe the room. What category of humor is that

  • Anoushka Divakar
    Anoushka Divakar Hace 11 meses +11

    Drew speaks so well. If he was in politics, id would listen to him. It would easily convince me.

  • azuill
    azuill Hace un mes +2

    i once stayed with a host family in one of these stupid big houses and the family seemed genuinely apologetic id have to share a jack-and-jill bathroom with their youngest daughter as if their entire house wasnt literally eight times the size of mine

  • Rin Wesley
    Rin Wesley Hace un año +3605

    I don’t begrudge anyone their wealth, but I’ve seen small one bedroom apartments styled with more class than these giant houses.

    • nineteenfortyeight
      nineteenfortyeight Hace un día

      I just saw a more inviting hole in the ground that a homeless guy fixed up to live in.

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes

      @Curran Frank people that got richt with investing already were rich to begin with. And no investing does damage a lot of people. Simply take the recent investing high were rich people pumped and dumped, with thousands of people loosing all their money and a handful of multimillionairs getting even richer.

    • Erique K.
      Erique K. Hace 2 meses

      @E X I S T 404 go be poor alone. Mongrel.

    • Tony Hakston
      Tony Hakston Hace 3 meses +1

      @Curran Frank invest with what money?

    • Gwen Reyneke
      Gwen Reyneke Hace 3 meses

      Why is your name so almost Ron Weasley… but just isn’t…

  • Jun ☆
    Jun ☆ Hace 10 meses +10

    Theres so many things on their own that wouldn’t be funny to me but then when Drew, Danny and Kurtis comment on it ITS SO FUNNY

  • Eleanor C
    Eleanor C Hace 5 meses +1

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this video it’s hilarious. It just always pisses me off how these stupidly rich people have all this shit when I and so many other people had to grow up in poverty. People really say that capitalism is a good thing when people actually fucking live like this

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Hace un mes +4

    You sound like a man who has never installed a tiny chandelier over his toilet. Trust me, TRUST ME, if you install a tiny chandelier over your toilet, you will walk a little bit taller, you will smile a bit longer, you'll be a better person.

  • Fishofthesky .
    Fishofthesky . Hace 2 meses +2

    Listen, if I was a rich person, I totally would spend my money on a palace that looks like it came out of a historical drama.

  • Sam Garrett
    Sam Garrett Hace un año +7082

    The fact that the lime thing was a panicked reaction to "why did you put all of these limes in my kitchen" is peak comedy. I'm a huge supporter of that.

    • schwarz
      schwarz Hace un mes

      Huge supporter of people that have multiple multi million mansions.

    • Anna Aphie
      Anna Aphie Hace un mes +2

      @mSavageAG Must've really lost the link huh

    • mSavageAG
      mSavageAG Hace un mes +2

      @Dorcas Malahlela It's been 3 weeks, where is the link Dorcas! We require it xD

    • Dorcas Malahlela
      Dorcas Malahlela Hace 2 meses +36

      Allegedly, the funniest thing about that was that she's allergic to limes. I think I saw it on Conan? I'll post the link when I find it

    • Natalia
      Natalia Hace 3 meses

      @Realities in the Raw what a dumbass thing to say lol

  • Bobby Rosken
    Bobby Rosken Hace 3 meses +10

    The lime lie absolutely floored me. I’m not sure I’ll recover from this mortal plot twist. Please god, show yourself if there’s any order in this world.

  • Ece Simsek
    Ece Simsek Hace 11 meses +17

    “I trust you because you’ve been in movies”
    Never have seen any better logic than this.

  • Talmadge Carr
    Talmadge Carr Hace 7 meses +1

    I never comment, but this… this video brought me mass amounts of just pure wholesome entertainment.
    I’ve been binging your videos for the past couple of days and I’ve them. I love them. Very well made, funny, and I can’t stop watching.
    Thank you!

  • An Error Has Occurred
    An Error Has Occurred Hace un mes +1

    The room with the single chair at 8:00 coupled with _”let’s show you Pierce’s bathroom :)”_ is absolutely hilarious in the most terrifying way 💀

  • Omar Aabed
    Omar Aabed Hace un año +9147

    the most unrealistic thing about Drew's giraffe story was that the dad made the food. where is the chef

    • Falak Rafi
      Falak Rafi Hace 26 días

      The absence of the chef is because he spent all that money on a taxidermy giraffe

    • Nick Papageorgio
      Nick Papageorgio Hace un mes +1

      This is why you take a helicopter when rich and not a jet when you’re traveling in one city 😆

    • hann4h3
      hann4h3 Hace un mes +1

      in the dungeo- basement. i said basement.

    • Sean pp
      Sean pp Hace 2 meses +1

      In the basement where they belong

    • ily7ven
      ily7ven Hace 3 meses

      He wants to Stay humble

  • Ricky & Claire
    Ricky & Claire Hace 9 meses +8

    Please tell me I’m not the only one laughing so hard over “I made egg.”

  • Jane Fuhrman
    Jane Fuhrman Hace 2 meses +1

    Every few months I go on a drew gooden kick and watch all of his videos. He's such a king

  • Craig Stynardt
    Craig Stynardt Hace un mes

    Thanks for the great video. I’ve seen homes basically made to look invisible against the landscape, drawing attention towards the view & surroundings instead of themselves - that’s where I’d put my money. Imagine walking into a Glas box half buried into a hill overlooking the ocean, modern minimalist furniture & Art pieces - almost something like an art gallery. Made to impress without showing off.

  • Craig Stynardt
    Craig Stynardt Hace un mes

    Thanks for the great video. I’ve seen homes basically made to look invisible against the landscape, drawing attention towards the view & surroundings instead of themselves - that’s where I’d put my money. Imagine walking into a Glas box half buried into a hill overlooking the ocean, modern minimalist furniture & Art pieces - almost something like an art gallery. Made to impress without showing off.

  • ZNA Productions
    ZNA Productions Hace un año +4837

    There's a middle ground. Too rich? Bad taste. Too poor? You think normal/boring stuff is luxurious. Essentially what I'm saying is; Hire me, billionaires, to furnish and decorate your home with my middle-class expertise, my rates start at 60k/hr + snacks (very good deal, hmu)

    • Anu D
      Anu D Hace un año

      Everything you decorate with better be from TJ Maxx 😂

    • Zero_Gravity58
      Zero_Gravity58 Hace un año +2


    • Meme Bro
      Meme Bro Hace un año

      @Molly when he’s rich enough he can hire someone else for cheaper. When they get to rich hire someone else and so on.

    • Chef Cortez
      Chef Cortez Hace un año

      Where’s the next vid Eli?

    • shytoad
      shytoad Hace un año +2

      i'm poor and my apt is rly cute like. i don't give a shit abt luxury it just looks nice bc i decorated it with cute stuff

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles Hace 11 meses +2

    I’m new to your channel but after just a couple of videos it’s easy to see why you have such a large following. Insightful and funny stuff.

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G Hace 9 meses

    This has also been my most recent binge while at work and I'm half inspired and half horrified at these homes. I saw the cement toilet chairs earlier today 😆

  • Master cabbage
    Master cabbage Hace 4 días

    “Bono in a Howie Mandel costume”
    You deserve a $50 million mansion for being this funny. Lmao

  • Patrick W. Dunne
    Patrick W. Dunne Hace 5 meses

    Between Drew and Charlie, I love watching people roast goofy mansions

  • Mink
    Mink Hace un año +3869

    “It’s hard to just ignore them.. so I just lied” is THE funniest thing from this video. Probably because I would have done the exact same thing in that situation.. Why were there so many limes???

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark Hace un año +9

      I would just be like, "I didn't buy these limes"

    • Thatonedog
      Thatonedog Hace un año +86

      I've seen one where they pointed at a bowl of lemons and said something to the effect of "I don't know why we have that many. My wife says they look nice. We have absolutely no need for them though"

    • Shemp Oil
      Shemp Oil Hace un año +10

      I like mojitos

    • winko_wink.
      winko_wink. Hace un año +85

      i hope she realises how unintentionally funny she is (btw i'm in love with her oops)

    • pajamagirl123
      pajamagirl123 Hace un año +199

      Her deadpan sense of humor is so refreshing

  • ElleRose
    ElleRose Hace 3 meses

    I've seen a few comments from private chefs and I can agree, a separate kitchen is a blessing! It is so much easier to do what you are being paid to do without someone's drunken friend coming and trying to "help," kids tripping you, or a handsy husband. >-

  • Shourya Sanjeev
    Shourya Sanjeev Hace un mes +1

    You're right, I watched the 6 million dollar Las Vegas mansion video and it was probably the most attractive and futuristic thing on architectural digest despite being one of the cheapest

  • Misterrorschach
    Misterrorschach Hace 9 meses +2

    I’ve been looking at the stuff rich people buy for a while now. These people spend 160k dollars on gold plated silver chess sets. One of the most egregious examples I saw was a cardboard and wicker chair by a designer company that I have forgotten the name of. This cardboard chair that looks like the kind of thing new homeowners buy from Walmart for $20 cost 16 thousand dollars. I saw a 4500 t shirt the other day. Just a cotton t shirt with a graphic design of the company on it. I saw a guy the other day selling his vicuña pea coat for $350 and the price tag on it new was 40 thousand dollars.

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones Hace un año +40

    "Oh Drew Jr, I made egg"
    I'm crying

  • Amanda
    Amanda Hace un año +1808

    in her defense, they had so many limes around her sink, she could probably think of nothing BUT limes and out came the lie.

    • J-Pocket
      J-Pocket Hace un año +3

      @Lynn JustLynn I think the lie was her being sarcastic but trying to play it off in a nice way. It's just so ridiculous, I love that she pointed it out with that lie

    • Caoise Kamay
      Caoise Kamay Hace un año +1

      @Lynn JustLynn I hope not. I know Hollywood steps on its behind-the-scenes talents all the time and we should be used to it by now, but a set designer getting fired for an actress' botched improv leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

    • blue fairy
      blue fairy Hace un año +5

      Out came the liem..... no?

    • Faux Fox Dude
      Faux Fox Dude Hace un año +6

      Maybe I just can't understand rich people, but if that happened to me I'd be like
      "Wow, whyd you guys put out so many limes? How does this make anything look better? Thats cool though, but its a lot of limes."

    • Kat
      Kat Hace un año +2

      i thought you said limbs for some reason oh boy

  • Cog Turner
    Cog Turner Hace 9 meses +3

    That monologue is genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever watched in my entire life.

  • beeclan50
    beeclan50 Hace 6 meses +1

    I like how drew still incorporates skits in to his vids

  • Kristen Hansen
    Kristen Hansen Hace 10 meses +1

    I love the sarcasm! 😆 and you are correct... Lots of tacky rich people out there 😉

  • Cliff Gerardo
    Cliff Gerardo Hace 6 meses

    When I think of rich people being quirky, well... there's always Architectural Digest to show it to me!

  • Bee C
    Bee C Hace un año +2531

    I’m sorry but Dakota seeing a plate of limes, in her own kitchen, that she doesn’t recognize and being so distrust by it that she feels the need to lie about a love of limes she doesn’t have, is hilarious to me.

    • itsRhyx
      itsRhyx Hace un año


    • Akash Khan
      Akash Khan Hace un año +4

      [insert a pun about limelight]

    • Logan Miller
      Logan Miller Hace un año +12

      @doctoraep it will probably be a long time before I can buy a house but this comment makes me want to have a room called the lime presenting room

    • doctoraep
      doctoraep Hace un año +21

      She just accidentally found out she had a Lime Presenting Room

    • reagan schwartz
      reagan schwartz Hace un año +64

      she’s so likable to me that i find it endearing rather than gross and out of touch. she’s so awkward and honest at the same time i love it

  • chilanya
    chilanya Hace 10 meses +11

    imagine having a house so big that you don't even use half of the rooms, and the other half are too large to feel comfy in. all these ridiculous design choices which make it more like a museum than a home. you need all kind of staff to guard, maintain and clean it, so that you hardly have any privacy. yeah there is such a thing as too much money and Drew is right: this is what it looks like.

    • gagne
      gagne Hace 9 meses

      I agree. Whether someone worked hard for the money isn't really the point, too much money is bad either way. The average rich person isnt any happier than the average middle class person

  • D NR
    D NR Hace 5 meses +1

    I'm sorry, I completely disagree! I love the traditional English country house style, not horrible, soulless modern, un-cozy houses

  • Cupriferous Catalyst
    Cupriferous Catalyst Hace 9 meses +5

    Honestly I'd love to lie about completely insignificant things if I was a celebrity, like which vegetables and fruits I like.

  • dennis3dc
    dennis3dc Hace 10 meses +2

    I mean, the lime thing is pretty funny if you think about it. This person walks into her room and sees these limes so she decides to pretend that’s it’s so deep and meaningful, like that’s some shit I would do

  • Tiny Manticore
    Tiny Manticore Hace un año +5511

    I don't know why, but Dakota Johnson lying about the limes is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

    • Vani K
      Vani K Hace un año +8

      Especially considering the fact that she is allergic to limes 😂

    • Michel Murphy
      Michel Murphy Hace un año +3

      I really like her.

    • Kaden Tudor
      Kaden Tudor Hace un año +3

      Before I watched the video I thought you meant like lying on like a bunch of limes

    • Ava Christensen
      Ava Christensen Hace un año +4


    • melody
      melody Hace un año +2

      lmao same

  • Jon Won
    Jon Won Hace 4 meses +2

    I feel like they would actually miss out on a lot. Like, don't get me wrong, I would love a 10 mil mansion with a big pool and a big kitchen..... Tho I'd also just like a house and not live in a 10m² dorm room lol
    But things like going to a cinema, or a bar to play pool, or a concert... Those things become so fun because of the atmosphere. At a concert you _want_ to be in the crowd and get hyped with everyone.
    Those aren't things that improve by having them in your livingroom.

  • Freshly Baked Bread
    Freshly Baked Bread Hace 9 meses +3

    Personally I’d love to live in a castle that looks similar to the set of bridgerton just to really fuel my god complex

  • Some Guy With a Tophat
    Some Guy With a Tophat Hace 9 meses +5

    5:28 at first, I thought this was like, not a skit, when I saw the letters I was like "Okay Flower Cutting is weird, but like, Shoe Shining Room Really?"

  • fettuccine
    fettuccine Hace 2 meses

    i can't imagine how awful it would be to be in a huge house with like, one other person. big houses can be great but there's a point where it goes from sick to uncomfortable. i'm a big fan of comfy clutter and i CANNOT imagine how much stuff i'd need to buy to make the house feel like a home.

  • SniffyTugBoat
    SniffyTugBoat Hace un año +3999

    my uncle is an architect and built his own home. the thing he was most proud of was how he raised all the doorways and ceilings to be slightly higher than regular standards bc he is v tall. the home theater in the basement or the stone walled shower that had different heads that all had like jet massage functions?? no, no. the slightly taller than average doorways and ceilings. that was the best feature of the entire home to him.

    • yoshita
      yoshita Hace un año

      @austin price nah its usually 7 feet almost everywhere

    • damla karatekin
      damla karatekin Hace un año

      As 5ft2 person i relate to that on a spiritual level
      (you know since it cant be physical)

    • austin price
      austin price Hace un año

      Damn, how tall is he? The average doorway height is 6 ft 8

    • Blobbyo25
      Blobbyo25 Hace un año +3

      @Di Magnolia That's called a "Hobbit House" and you can actually buy/make one in New Zealand

    • Samuel Bonaya1
      Samuel Bonaya1 Hace un año +1ídeo.html

  • Nick Holtmeier
    Nick Holtmeier Hace un año +2

    This was absolutely hilarious. Banger jokes the whole way through. Thank you XD