using AI to write a youtube video

  • Publicado el 30 ago 2022
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Comentarios • 9 944

  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden  Hace 21 un día +5

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  • Eddy Burback
    Eddy Burback Hace 21 un día +63

    Love the blue hair because it’s not something you did for a video or as a joke. It’s a choice you made due to you loving how it looks and for no other reason.

  • Lindsey is A Human
    Lindsey is A Human Hace 21 un día +4

    Drew should make a video called “things that piss me off” where he just rants about things he doesn’t like for 40 straight minutes

  • Clash of Clans With B
    Clash of Clans With B Hace 21 un día +3

    I love how Drew dyed his hair as a joke that it would help his career and his next video actually went #1 on trending

  • Dreamer Blackwood
    Dreamer Blackwood Hace 21 un día +1

    Drew: I want most of the characters to die

  • Mahek Fathima
    Mahek Fathima Hace 21 un día +3

    whenever Drew talks, it feels so natural it doesn't even seem like he is reading a script

  • Sarah O'Connor
    Sarah O'Connor Hace 14 días +873

    “One sausage, two loves” is a pretty good way to summerise up a heterosexual relationship to be fair

  • moonshroom
    moonshroom Hace 21 un día +8

    love how this is #1 on trending for gaming

  • Alec Friend
    Alec Friend Hace 21 un día +603

    Man this Ninja has gotten really good at commentary videos. He must’ve watched Drew Gooden’s master class.

  • Jyo MCrow
    Jyo MCrow Hace 14 días +462

    It's actually terrifying how far AI has come in only a few years. Sure the stories are dumb, but they almost sound like something a human child would write, which is way more intelligent than most animals.

  • simply viella
    simply viella Hace 21 un día +292

    jasper is like the friend when you say a bit of a dark humored joke and they add on it for way too long it’s concerning

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet Hace 21 un día +527

    I was literally sitting here thinking "Man, he better not drop a 'this whole video has been written by a robot!'" and then Drew came through to soothe my concerns.

  • North Carolidiot
    North Carolidiot Hace un día +96

    The office article is literally something Buzzfeed would write. It may actually be better written than if they did it.

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Hace 21 un día +5

    I was skeptical but that group of misfits doing terrorism to show the government that dancing is great really sold me

  • Ms12369
    Ms12369 Hace 21 un día +489

    So happy to see Milhouse out doing his own thing still. Being a child star is a hard thing to grow from.

  • RM B
    RM B Hace 21 un día +161

    how has no one mentioned

  • Drybones
    Drybones Hace 21 un día +379

    Thank you drew for wearing techno's shirt, as someone who is still accepting his passing, this was a nice surprise, I know its a small thing but doing stuff like this really helped me get through everyday life. Also thank you for the amazing video, it helped me get out of my head for a few mins :D

  • Madison Holt
    Madison Holt Hace 21 un día +590

    “A ragtag group of misfits band together to take down the US government, and prove that dancing really does bring people together” is basically just the plot of Happy Feet.

  • willesha chatae
    willesha chatae Hace 21 un hora +39

    the AI going off the deep about charmin bears and drew being shocked as if the base material wasn’t just as unhinged was

  • RoseInTheSky
    RoseInTheSky Hace 21 un día +40

    why do you have hair