Ellen's Fall from Grace

  • Publicado el 21 ago 2020
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Comentarios • 25 725

  • Anish Suresh
    Anish Suresh Hace 2 años +163

    ellen more like ellen

  • mim
    mim Hace 2 años +14

    i am fluent in chinese, and what ellen did was BEYOND rude. she was translating the first and second question to just make sure he understood everything. ugh.

  • Haley Mears

    I personally don’t believe anyone should be expected to have a certain haircut due to their gender.. but Ellen, a woman with a notoriously “male” haircut, hassling a woman about her son’s long hair is so ironic

  • Caidalee
    Caidalee Hace un año +10

    “Do you know what a clock is?”

  • Ryan McBride

    She once "roasted" my friend in a segment and he wasn't even a celebrity or a willing participant in her show; just a guy with picture on the internet which she mockingly used without permission/credit for a cheap laugh. When people say she's got a mean streak I believe every word.

  • Icer 702
    Icer 702 Hace un año +15

    I like how when she shows the painting, everyone was like “ oh wow nice “, but then Ellen says “yeah”, and the they are like “ oh shit she wants us to laugh at it!”

  • november crow

    she might explode if she ever encountered a young person who was just really into vintage and knew everything she presented.

  • gnarlycallie
    gnarlycallie Hace 2 años +15

    ellen is like the real life version of "yes im gay, yes im homophobic, we exist"

  • Tatoruboyo
    Tatoruboyo Hace un año +5

    I don’t understand how Ellen has the audacity to make fun of a painting that is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I mean I could never paint something like that, and the person who made it probably spent hours on it.

  • yakketyyak

    My least favorite part is at

  • Snarkastic Douche

    Here's a little pro-tip for everyone. Being "nice" is kinda like being an "alpha-male", or a "strong woman". If you have to constantly keep reminding people that you are, you're probably not.

  • Epic Jerry
    Epic Jerry Hace un año +1

    When Cher called Ellen a bitch on television, it was a legendary moment. Same goes for Dakota and Celine roasting her on an open fire. Way to go for defending themselves against her obvious bullying

  • Hunter Machin

    My dad worked as a stage hand for over 40 years, building stages for concerts. It's crazy how rude and insane some artists are while others are very wholesome. I remember one time he was building a stage for Kanye and when him and Kim arrived they were told all the employees had to go into a room so that way none of them looked at Kanye or Kim. Other artists would literally shake all the employees hands, eat with them, even help them tear apart the concert every once in a while. It's kind of crazy honestly what people think they're worth and how they feel like they're so much better than others.

  • claudia rose
    claudia rose Hace 2 años +11

    the translator was actually translating ellens statement leading up to the question, to give CONTEXT because theres a good chance the boy was just being respectful when he said yes. ellens lack of sensitivity is mind bending.

  • Scrade Cottontail

    Ellen's expressions really give everything away, especially in that translator scene. She looks legitimately fucking pissed, like she's going to snap at any moment on this poor lady

  • Drewdog
    Drewdog Hace un año +5

    Celine Dion doesn't take any shit, she never does. I'm not a huge fan of her music (except Magic Man, that's legitimately awesome) but I LOVE how fiercely she defended her child.

  • Mitra J
    Mitra J  +388

    My heart broke for JB, their art was so good but she had the audacity to shame them for not drawing the best art of all time in front of everyone...

  • D S
    D S Hace un año +2

    Painting is not something you sent to a celebrity you mildly like - it’s something you do when you really, really admire someone. If she would judge some random thing she found on the internet, well, it still would be super mean, but not as hurtful as this.

  • Elisa Maza
    Elisa Maza  +570

    It always bothered me how she treated children in her show.

  • J2Jgames
    J2Jgames Hace 2 años +9

    The miscarriage thing was truly unforgivable, there's a good reason people don't disclose that information and that is honestly heartbreaking