I tried to profit at an arcade

  • Publicado el 23 may 2022
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  • Firstname Lastname

    What a dumb idea

  • /encode
    /encode  +16

    In today's episode: Drew narrowly avoids a gambling addiction

  • Gina Rodriguez

    me and this girl went to an arcade for our first date and we bonded over your video and spent about an hour playing that stupid ball game. that girl is now my girlfriend. thank you, danny.

  • Alexis Madison

    My local arcade used to have an electric chair (game?) that gave you tickets for as long as you could hold on while it shocked you. I used to spend all of my tokens there because it was a sure fire way to get tickets, but in retrospect it meant that I often spent my entire arcade experience getting moderately tortured just so I could win "prizes" I could get from a dollar store, all for the low price of like 50 bucks.

  • Donovan Faust

    Being in a loveless marriage must have been really difficult for you guys all these years, I'm glad you were finally able to earn you wife's love by winning a game that involves dropping balls into cups. Remember folks you're only worth the amount of love directly proportional to you're mastery of an inane skill.

  • TheloSpike

    imagining Drew in a bad fake moustache comically sneaking into the arcade to play the ball game and having a group of security guards carrying him out kicking and screaming

  • Daisy C
    Daisy C  +1

    I live in Orlando and just got back from this exact arcade and there was a giant crowd of people around the machine all using the technique from this video of mashing the button 4 times following a slight pause. It was beautiful to watch

  • Kai
    Kai  +7

    Imagine being the arcade worker and having to watch the road work guy come in for three days straight, go apeshit on one single machine, buy the most obscure prizes, and never return again

  • Angel Kato
    Angel Kato  +974

    I used to work at a lesser known arcade, and there was a time when one of our sister locations went out of business and all their inventory went to us. So many plushies everywhere, the back areas were so full. So the technicians, in an effort to get rid of the inventory faster, made the claw machine games easy to win. One night, there were two vloggers that came in and played the claw games and left with two big garbage bags full of toys and freakin the fuck out. And I am so happy for them for that lucky stroke

  • Giant Asparagus

    Once I went in with 5 dollars.. played enough to score a ruler as the prize.. used it to sweep out under the machines and collect lost tokens. Balled out that day lolll

  • Guythatknowsitall88

    Most modern arcades are just mini casinos targeted at children. Even those "skill" games like the claw are rigged by have the claw loosely grip while others blatantly give the illusion of skill required. The all have a garenteed payout ensuring the house always wins. I worked for company serviced and repaired those machines.

  • Mia Druckrey

    Amanda is so funny. And it’s so nice of her to feature a new budding comedian like drew Gooden on her channel.

  • SaySomethingHat

    This channel has slowly become Drew attempting to systematically drive himself insane by trying experiements that nobody has asked him to do. And frankly, I'm loving every second of it.

  • Human Human

    As a British person who's never been to America, I'm very grateful for you sharing your tactics on winning that one specific machine in Orlando Florida.

  • Krystal Bel

    I used to work at an arcade. One of our Big Bass wheel games was broken where it couldn't auto spin, it could only be spun manually like when you play the game so everyone there exploited the hell out of it. Just inch the wheel onto the 1000 ticket jackpot and with the auto roller broken it can't roll for you since inching doesn't count as a roll. 1000 tickets per dollar. Easy peasy. I don't think they ever fixed it. It's been years. Ah good times.

  • Cat
    Cat  +90

    Even if Danny sold 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) Marvel mugs for 10$ USD each he

  • aesthetic
    aesthetic  +156

    This guy is like if Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec was a real person.

  • InsomniOwl

    I worked as an "Arcade Manager" in college. Yes, you can profit! The secret is

  • Citrus Valley

    You make me laugh even when I feel like a black hole of shit. Your contribution to the world is priceless. Thank you.

  • Greatfalls Complex

    I find it hilarious that the most replayed moment of this entire video is when Amanda looks into the camera and says "I love you now". So many dreams fulfilled. LOL