Sequels That Aren't Sequels

  • Publicado el 31 ene 2019
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    Hollywood makes a lot of decisions predicated on the notion that everyone in the world is an idiot, but there's almost nothing more insulting than when they try to pass off a movie as a sequel when it has literally no connection to its "predecessor" other than the fact that they are both movies. And that really grinds my gear (I only have one).
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    Kindergarten Cop? More like Kindergarten STOP lmao.
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  • Medium D Speaks
    Medium D Speaks Hace 3 años +17897

    There should be a part 2 to this video but on a different topic

    • Korqy
      Korqy Hace 3 días

      He's gotta wait 26 years though

    • Elfboy __
      Elfboy __ Hace 20 días

      “Sequels that aren’t sequels 2”
      *Spends the entire video talking about off-brand sodas that taste nothing like the original*

    • Marian McClellan
      Marian McClellan Hace 23 días

      Idk I think I want him to make a second video about the same movie

    • FloopyEmbit
      FloopyEmbit Hace 2 meses


    • Mingli Feng
      Mingli Feng Hace 2 meses

      And it’s Noel Miller instead

  • Emel Kangi
    Emel Kangi Hace un año +3232

    Not so fun fact: Dolph Lundgren is now engaged to a 24 year old.

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog Hace 9 días

      @Sine Nomine i disagree, its still disgusting. but we have our opinions i guess. it is still gross.

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog Hace 9 días

      @Jordan Price "all men" clearly youre not very smart.

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog Hace 9 días

      @Wave Razor ew

    • Wave Razor
      Wave Razor Hace 18 días +2

      @aveoriax you can say whatever you want if she likes him back and he likes her?

    • aveoriax
      aveoriax Hace 18 días +2

      @Wave Razor because he’s attracted to a woman that’s younger than his literal child

  • That Guy
    That Guy Hace un año +2524

    I like how Danny speaks so highly of La Croix and Drew’s slogan for it is “Just don’t drink it”
    Ive found the difference between Drew and Danny

    • Rex
      Rex Hace un mes +2

      On tour Drew introduced Danny to La Croix

    • Rhys
      Rhys Hace 2 meses

      drew is very smart

    • iliveinapuddle
      iliveinapuddle Hace 2 meses

      @Anonymous "and I am drew"

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Hace 2 meses +3

      They might lead similar lives, they might have similar lives, but they are different.

    • DaliiLars
      DaliiLars Hace 2 meses +4

      I like to think LaCroix's best shoot was in Teamskeet. She looked so good and took it hard.

  • Spooper Senshi
    Spooper Senshi Hace un año +3562

    I really hate how "fat man is nerd so we laugh" is always used for comedy that's essentially bullying. Fat nerdy men are people too

    • CoolDoge
      CoolDoge Hace 12 días

      @HuskyPie BRO stop

    • HuskyPie
      HuskyPie Hace 12 días

      No they’re not. NASA has proof that they’re actually alligators

    • koostattoos -
      koostattoos - Hace 2 meses +1

      @Ziggy Gunz have you seen the new show she's in, "God's Favorite Idiot?" she's the second lead in the show and her weight was not turned into a joke or a personality trait, plus it's a pretty funny show.

    • CoolDoge
      CoolDoge Hace 2 meses


    • Leo
      Leo Hace 3 meses +2

      oh nyooo im literally shaking rn oh god oh jeez why is the world so cruel?

  • The Sponge
    The Sponge Hace un año +3978

    The young teacher was two-years-old when the first movie came out. The Kindergarteners from the first movie are now older than her.

    • edu
      edu Hace 14 días

      @Caber Smith ur weird as fuck

    • Sine Nomine
      Sine Nomine Hace 22 días

      @Guy Incognito Are you fucking joking? A 20-40 year old has way more social mobility, influence and power than a 60-80 year old unless they are incredibly wealthy... You're talking out of your ass.

    • Pugkin5405
      Pugkin5405 Hace un mes

      @GemstonePheonix So you're trolling
      Got it

    • GemstonePheonix
      GemstonePheonix Hace un mes

      @Pugkin5405 yes definitely

    • Sarah Gent
      Sarah Gent Hace un mes +1

      The rules I have for not thinking an age gap is inherently weird are:
      1) the younger person is older than 25, when your brain is developed
      2) they didn't meet when the younger person was a child
      3) the older person doesn't have any kids who are the same age or older than the younger person
      Don't get me wrong, it can absolutely still be weird and it's very creepy to write it into your fictional movie imo even if it's compliant in the movie. That's my main issue. People do all sorts of things in real life but if you on purpose put it in fiction it means something else. Kinda sounds like they're not only endorsing what CAN be an unhealthy relationship dynamic but also implying that only young women are attractive/worthy of love (or worthy of being in movies lbr)

  • TheKewlPerson
    TheKewlPerson Hace 3 años +7927

    The Kindergarten kids are closer in age to the teacher love interest than the main character...

    • Sine Nomine
      Sine Nomine Hace 22 días

      @Cthulhu the Endless Not a rule, also dumb.

    • Sine Nomine
      Sine Nomine Hace 22 días

      @anxlytra If the brain wasn't fully developed by 50, you'd still be an adult when you turn 18 or 21. If people keep pushing this braind develops at 25 you'll only reinforce a negative stereotype against the young a limit the oportunities available to younger people. Lots of out parents were married home owners at 20. You can say they weren't "fully developed" and you're not wrong, but you're implying something which isn't true. The implication that a 20-24 year old is as vulnerable, gullible or manipulatable as a 14-18 year old is a lie and also pretty similar to what pedos are arguing.
      The law has established adulthood as taking place at 16,18 or 21 depending on circumstance (USA is one of the few places that restricts alcohol beyond 20). There are drawbacks to implying that people of these ages aren't adults. Should we put them in prison or juvenille detention when they hurt someone? Should we refer to their parents for legal and medical documents? There's a lot more on the table than just who you're allowed to fuck, so lets not exaggerate things cos the idea of a wrinkly old man having sex grosses us out.
      There is a difference between a 20 year old brain and a 24 year old brain, but its insignifigant in this context. Arguable beyond that age your brain actually starts degrading, some people would prefer to wait until we are suffering from alzhiemers to accept that they are adults who are responsible for their own actions.
      And that's the point, in a nutshell, most people claiming that 20-24 year olds aren't adults are 20-24 year olds who don't want the responsibility of taking care of themselves. Its a misinterpretation of scientific facts, but all it will do if people keep promoting it is raise the legal drinking age to 25.

    • Andi
      Andi Hace un año

      Ewwwwwwwww ew ew ew ew

    • 🍄tired🍄
      🍄tired🍄 Hace un año


    • Cthulhu the Endless
      Cthulhu the Endless Hace un año

      Is NO ONE gonna mention the half your age plus seven rule?
      (Both broken between the teacher/Walmart Arnold and the teacher/her Kindergarteners)

  • Annie
    Annie Hace un año +744

    “Mind if I take you home? I’m only very drunk.” That is the most John Mulaney Drew has ever sounded

    • TheBS1000
      TheBS1000 Hace 2 meses

      Interesting. Drew kind of reminded me of Thomas Middleditch in this video, but there might be a smidge of John Mulaney there, too

  • Filip Zaitsov
    Filip Zaitsov Hace un año +431

    Fin fact:
    Dolph Lundgren is, by many, considered as the smartest person in Sweden with an IQ of 168.
    He has 2 masters from MIT and KTH.

    • Parth Mudgal
      Parth Mudgal Hace 21 un día +1

      @Kira Lonely that's not true. IQ does show how smart you are, but it only takes into account your rationality and critical thinking skills. A person who's not a very rational guy, can still end up successfull in life and earning millions etc without having a high IQ. Most astronauts would have a higher IQ than your average plumber or real estate broker but that doesn't mean they earn more money than the latter guys.

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water Hace un mes +5

      @Kira Lonely I think people just like the fact that it seems to answer a complex question like "how smart are you" with a simple number. It's become like a "scale of smartness". I don't think there's any one test that can measure someone's intelligence. Humans are too complex and there are different types of intelligences.

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely Hace un mes +4

      @Lemony Water Seriously. IQ means jack all. And I'm in full rights to say that, cause I've been tested, and scored over 100, which again, means very little to me.
      Like, it's cool to be good at the tests and stuff, it does measure SOME form of intelligence, but intelligence is too broad of a concept for IQ to ever adequately cover.

    • Noelle Fritz
      Noelle Fritz Hace un mes

      how is he so smart if he's 64 and engaged to a 24 year old he's definitely a pedophile

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water Hace un mes +15

      I'm not gonna lie and say that isn't impressive, but I think people way overestimate the importance of IQ.

  • Dione Martins
    Dione Martins Hace un año +260

    To me, it's hilarious how legitimately sad Drew is when they kiss
    Also his absolute shock when the guy gets tased

  • aqueousErbium
    aqueousErbium Hace 10 meses +88

    It's almost like the FBI doesn't hire people from diverse backgrounds and totally has no capable agents with a background in education. I want a Kindergarten Cop reboot where it's the opposite situation: a kindergarten teacher needs to save the day and becomes an FBI agent and is played by Idris Elba.

    • aqueousErbium
      aqueousErbium Hace 15 días +1

      @Sandystars Hey! You might be right, but it still hurts.

    • Sandystars
      Sandystars Hace 16 días +1

      Homestuck spotted

    • Drawing Sticks
      Drawing Sticks Hace un mes +1

      Finally a movie where it would be realistic to see everyone throw themselves at him

    • Dragonzaka
      Dragonzaka Hace un mes

      Maybe he becomes an MI6 agent instead...?

  • Jessica W
    Jessica W Hace 3 años +33688

    okay but imagine being listed as 'hot mom' in the credits and feeling honored and then realizing that someone else got listed as 'super hot mom'

    • Youtube Is stupid
      Youtube Is stupid Hace 9 meses

      @Stumpanelli what

    • TANK ON
      TANK ON Hace 9 meses

      @ShadyBeAShooketh what did they say

    • Emfen1
      Emfen1 Hace 9 meses +1

      @Alex SM I don't want to argue, if you don't like my comment you can just ignore it and keep scrolling. Have a nice day :)

    • Alex SM
      Alex SM Hace 9 meses

      @Emfen1 I don't see how, that was precisely my point. If you don't want people replying to your old comments delete them.

    • Emfen1
      Emfen1 Hace 9 meses +1

      @Alex SM jokes on you, I am still a child 😎 what you doing replying to a comment that's 2 years old?

  • Edward_1st
    Edward_1st Hace 8 meses +82

    I'm truly convinced this movie was written with Jason Momoa in mind to play the Kindergarten Cop, but he obviously didn't accept
    But they say fuck it and didn't bother to rewrite it

    • An Intense Nerd
      An Intense Nerd Hace 29 días +1


    • Alex
      Alex Hace 6 meses +1

      Apparently it was planned for Schwarzenegger, at least that's kinda what wikipedia says

  • Cam Reid
    Cam Reid Hace un año +276

    his acting career has been going for longer than she's been alive

  • Kya Katz
    Kya Katz Hace 5 meses +34

    Fun fact: Dolph was a guest on the first episode of the Eric Andre Show.
    And Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the third.

  • aristired
    aristired Hace 5 meses +23

    I love how Dolph Lundgren went from an engineer in Sweden with a Master’s degree in Australia, to a European karate champion, to a scholar at MIT with a Fulbright scholarship, to the star of Rocky IV, to the star of Kindergarten Cop 2.
    He really peaked in 2016.

  • TheShadowcreator
    TheShadowcreator Hace un mes +12

    Her: "Most guys wanna meet up for drinks then have sex."
    Him: *Pours the wine for her*

  • Cable Waffel
    Cable Waffel Hace un año +54

    I think an exception to this whole sequel thing is Jaws. I think they could've made the Jaws sequels good if they had a different place in the world with different people facing the threat of a shark. Instead "Sharks don't take things personally Mr. Brody" turned into "Jaws the Revenge: This time, it's personal.

  • Wade Watts
    Wade Watts Hace un año +164

    The chemistry is palpable, you can palp it.

    • Ashik Jaman
      Ashik Jaman Hace 9 meses +5

      So much Palp it's in a Star Wars movie

    • ZombieCat1
      ZombieCat1 Hace 9 meses +15

      It is able to be palped

    • Not a summoner
      Not a summoner Hace 11 meses +5

      Chemistry? Like his masters?

  • Ana Sánchez
    Ana Sánchez Hace un año +32

    Fun fact: Dolph Lundgren is considered one of the smartest actors in history with an IQ of more than 150 and a phD in chemical engineering

    • Alex Bennet
      Alex Bennet Hace 3 meses +10

      But not smart enough to date someone his own age?

  • Magyar GabeN
    Magyar GabeN Hace un año +7043

    "I am Super Hot Mom"
    "I am Smoking Hot Mom"
    *"And we are not the same person"*

    • Ben Wilhite
      Ben Wilhite Hace un mes

      We may have similar super hot lives, we may have similar smoking hot wives, but we are different nonetheless.

    • Little Sim Master
      Little Sim Master Hace 10 meses +2

      I am drew
      I am danny

    • Parielle
      Parielle Hace un año +17

      “We don’t copy each others videos, we copy hot moms”

    • Ben Cossack
      Ben Cossack Hace un año +30

      we may have similar names, we may be similar dames, but we are different nonetheless

    • PyroShaniac
      PyroShaniac Hace un año +1


  • Foss ForUs
    Foss ForUs Hace un año +126

    Yeah, it's pretty weird that dolf is over twice the age of literally every female who displays interest in him. But I gotta admit that he does look good for a 60 year old.
    He looks better than I do at 22, anyway

    • Ggen
      Ggen Hace un año +6

      Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gordon Ramsey had a baby and it is not looking good

    • Pan And Scan Buddy
      Pan And Scan Buddy Hace un año +14

      He looks like he was deep fried and survived.

    • Rossel
      Rossel Hace un año +17

      This can only mean that you’ll look better than him once you reach 60

  • WiselyCommaBaby
    WiselyCommaBaby Hace un año +37

    I love how at 11:36 he just looks at the camera because there’s nothing he could say that would be more ridiculous than the scene itself

  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K. Hace 6 meses +6

    Fun fact: Dolp Lindgren is a borderline genius who has a master's in chemical engineering and briefly attended MIT

  • BlandSeahorse
    BlandSeahorse Hace un año +16

    14:35 I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RN I GOT THAT HAMMER FOR CHRISTMAS they actually just went to their local walmart for the props

  • Queenie Miller
    Queenie Miller Hace 3 años +5105

    I could literally watch drew talk about anything for 20 minutes and be thoroughly entertained

  • Peter Tork’s Hippie
    Peter Tork’s Hippie Hace un mes +3

    Dolph is like Austin Powers; every girl that looks at him swoons, and the main love interest looks like Ms. Kensington

  • artxii
    artxii Hace un año +22

    the final shot with the pig is probably the best shot ever in cinematic history

  • Liv
    Liv Hace 8 meses +9

    Literally the part when he’s explaining that the little girl needed to use the bathroom, he says it the exact time that she says it and it’s synched lol @ 7:43

  • The personification of the sound ĒUAGH

    That scene where they were auctioning off a date with Dolph I’m 99% sure is direct copy of the scene from groundhogs day, like down to the choreography of the scene where the amount people would pay is going higher and higher until the main love interest comes in and gives way more than anyone else and the crowd parts for her as she walks in like wtf? Or at least I’m pretty sure that’s where that scene came from.

    • StarryEyed0590
      StarryEyed0590 Hace 18 días +1

      It's a super common trope. It just shows up more often in television than in film.

  • junkface
    junkface Hace 5 meses +2

    little known fact: dolph lundgren actually just loves twix and wouldn’t be in the movie unless they let him talk about twix

  • Roobee
    Roobee Hace 11 meses +14

    15:22 is so funny to me I can't get over it

  • Lonestar
    Lonestar Hace 9 meses +5

    Is it just me or does Dolph's character look like he just got through fighting Rocky, retired, and became a undercover FBI Agent and got this assignment to be a Kindergarten teacher all in the same day?

  • Lola Cheatham
    Lola Cheatham Hace un año +53

    Dolph Lundgren is actually a rad dude. Super smart and seems really kind. He's also the sea king in Aquaman. With red hair. I don't know why he made this movie, but a paycheck is never bad. I blame Hollywood for doing this shit in the first place.

    • Lola Cheatham
      Lola Cheatham Hace 3 meses

      @DennisReynoldsFan2006 All I'm saying is there's millions of CEOs and covert older men that take and give nothing back. Make money hand over fist on all of us. No one social justices them because they aren't in the public eye and yet do most the damage. At least Dolph seems a cut above all that, and she's an adult not a teenager. I've been in that position and it's a choice. Just devil's advocate stuff. Don't have to agree. He doesn't strike me as a predator.

    • DennisReynoldsFan2006
      DennisReynoldsFan2006 Hace 3 meses

      @Lola Cheatham an age difference of ..... 40 years

    • Alex Bennet
      Alex Bennet Hace 3 meses

      @virekin0t Also "mаnsplаining" isn't when someone whose gender you don't know in a completely appropriate context (a discussion about crееpy оld fuсks) cоrrectly explains something that's far from "exclusive knowledge to women" (and since they're right it doesn't even matter)... just because you don't like it.
      Don't be so fuсking сringе.

    • Alex Bennet
      Alex Bennet Hace 3 meses

      @Lola Cheatham If you seriously think young people "dаting" and having sех with old crееps in exchange for mоnеy (to pay their rent and bills) and/or things they could never аfford themselves means that THEY (the yоung people doing sех work and not the old crееps) have the pоwer in that relationship... you're fuсking dеlusiоnal.

    • virekin0t
      virekin0t Hace 6 meses +1

      @Lola Cheatham girl💀 i am a literal woman but thanks for assuming and attempting to invalidate my entire argument based on that👍i'm very familiar too that's why i commented in the first place... i never said to assume that the woman is the victim. i actually quite litetally said that we never know the true nature of the relationship. i never implied that the woman is powerless. my point that abuse can happen with big age gaps doesn't equal all women in relationships with age gaps are powerless. you're taking what you want from my comment and not the actual meaning. exactly for all we know the abuse can be the other side. my entire point is that we never know so to say oh well she's an adult it's fine is dumb. you're thinking with your own opinion behind it im thinking logically based on many, many real world situations. look at any relationship in hollywood and most of them are predatory in some way. just because you don't want to believe it doesn't mean it's not true. nice try with accusing me of mansplaining just to invalidate my argument. try again though.

  • Delaney Brummell
    Delaney Brummell Hace un año +59

    it seems a little strange that “dolphs” name sounds so similar to “dilf”

  • Maspatri
    Maspatri Hace un año +13

    11:53 why the hell does he look like Gordon Ramsay's dad?

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher Hace 4 meses

    I feel like a lot of these “sequels” could’ve done a lot better had they just titled themselves differently to the original

  • Frank Benham
    Frank Benham Hace un mes +1

    Fun fact! Dolph Lundgren received a master's degree in chemical engineering. He's extremely intelligent and he legitimately knows martial arts.
    Edit: I don't know the rating of this movie, but despite the first movie having a bunch of kids it was rated R.

  • Emmy Marlene
    Emmy Marlene Hace 3 años +3603

    Are we just sleeping on the fact that Drew has a cardboard cutout of Arnold in a speedo

    • _TheJesusFreak_
      _TheJesusFreak_ Hace 9 meses +1

      Didn’t watch the video before reading this and assumed you meant Arnold from Hey Arnold. I kinda just accepted it

    • bub by
      bub by Hace 10 meses

      Everyone does

    • ☻ SiIIy goofy mood ☻
      ☻ SiIIy goofy mood ☻ Hace 11 meses

      @Emmy Marlene you don't order them you birth them

    • Buffy Summers
      Buffy Summers Hace 2 años +3

      You act like this is a shocking twist of events here but the real confusion is that you seem to not have one of your own and that I truly don’t understand

    • AmazingLayla
      AmazingLayla Hace 2 años +3

      @PanlopiMochii mine went to get some ciggies

  • Joseph O'Shea
    Joseph O'Shea Hace 6 meses +1

    This is like, exactly the movie Mac and Charlie dreamt up on It's Always Sunny. With Dennis' input

  • Noah Schuh
    Noah Schuh Hace 8 meses +3

    love this, you got comedic timing down!

  • ShyGuy83
    ShyGuy83 Hace 25 días +2

    The worst movie sequel I’ve ever seen is Space Jam: A New Legacy.

  • thegalaxysqueen
    thegalaxysqueen Hace un año +1

    I randomly remembered this video and I was thinking about how the movie could be fixed:
    1. It shouldn't have been made
    2. Here comes the more complex idea for possibly making the plot work
    - Replace Dolph for someone who is close to the woman's age; maybe find any actor that would have been popular around that time
    - Replace all the sexualization (in the beginning) in favor of explaining or detailing the villains; what are they doing? why could they be after the flash drive? why is it at the school in the first place?
    - Maybe the guy who also likes the teacher is in the FBI (or whatever it is) as well
    - If Arnold was going to be in the movie make him a higher level agent and have him give advice to the main guy because he went through something similar (this would probably work better after his first or second day at the school when the main guy knows nothing)
    - Show development of relationship between the teacher and main guy but make him focus on the investigation first
    - Show how he improves with taking care of the kids in a better way
    - Replace later sexualization of women with actual investigation and make the location of the flash drive a more interesting place instead of just stuck in a time capsule that has nothing in it
    - Finally after everything is resolved end on him actually asking the teacher out
    Idk this is just how I would fix it but who knows if this would actually work these are just ideas

  • Cathulu
    Cathulu Hace 2 años +4777

    I think Dolf had a heart failure in the middle of the movie, and instead of recasting him, they attached him to strings like a puppet, and that's why he looks asleep in half the scenes.

    • IamBrock
      IamBrock Hace un mes

      @Julie Gallows He’s back… and he’s still Dolf!

    • Rex
      Rex Hace un mes

      Yeah, uh, Stepfather Sunday style??
      No or was it… it was- it was Vampire Weekend, right?
      Vampire weekend style.

    • Patty Krabby
      Patty Krabby Hace 2 meses +1

      I thought that this is real at first but then I saw the next line

    • Julie Gallows
      Julie Gallows Hace 5 meses +1

      @vegterble Weekend at Dolf's 2

    • vegterble
      vegterble Hace 6 meses +2

      @Mega_Bird700 They Weekend at Bernie's 2'd him

  • =w=
    =w= Hace un año +13

    14:20 is the reaction I give every time this happends.

  • Big Kap
    Big Kap Hace 10 meses +2

    Woah...the ending of this movie totally implies a trilogy. Great acting drew. I can't wait for the next guardians of the galaxy!

  • SelfXmusic
    SelfXmusic Hace un año +6

    I just recently stumbled upon your channel and I love it! But did you know that you deliver your jokes kinda similar to John Mulaney? Even your voices sometimes sound the same! =) Keep it up! Greetings from Germany!

  • azuill
    azuill Hace 15 días +1

    man you just know that "meatless monday" scene was proposed by a disgruntled parent who was annoyed they had to run to the grocery store at like 9pm on sunday because they forgot their kid had told them on friday they needed something other than their ham sandwich for lunch monday

  • Brittany R
    Brittany R Hace 3 años +1202

    It's funny that Dolph Lundgren is a pretty smart guy with a masters degree in chemical engineering, but he stars in movies as the big tough oaf.

    • Dragonzaka
      Dragonzaka Hace un mes +1

      @Mild Misanthrope Easy money, no long hours in makeup

    • Mild Misanthrope
      Mild Misanthrope Hace 3 años +2

      Why does he do these shitty movies? He turned down the role of Cable in _Deadpool 2_ and the bad guy in _The Girl Who Played with Fire_ and _The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest_ so why?

    • RE -O
      RE -O Hace 3 años

      I know haha he is so good in Rocky IV but why tf he even started in that pathetic movie. Smh

    • 2D's blue-ty shorts
      2D's blue-ty shorts Hace 3 años +1

      Because everyone knows you can't be sTroNk and smart at the same time. Ha! Fuckin' nerd!

    • Antisimex
      Antisimex Hace 3 años +2

      @m. Dolph is his second name, his full name is Hans Dolph Lundgren

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson Hace un año +35

    So about the grand-daddy daycare, my first thought when I heard that was about when my family used to have a thing I and my cousins called "camp grandpa", where we went to our grandpa's house where he took care of us.

    • UndeadSoldier
      UndeadSoldier Hace un año +1

      Aw thats so cute

    • Cassuttus Tshirt
      Cassuttus Tshirt Hace un año +4

      I just have to say, that's the sweetest thing I've heard in awhile. 'Camp Grandpa' =D

  • jacquelyn chi
    jacquelyn chi Hace 19 días +1

    The disappointment I felt after watching mean girls 2 when I thought it was a sequel to the original movie.....

  • Eirik Macdonald
    Eirik Macdonald Hace un año +5

    Drews love for Arnold is close to rivalling my own. I thought it was impossible.

  • pastaconnoisseur
    pastaconnoisseur Hace 10 meses +8

    12:47 I lost my fucking mind at this whole section, good jokes 10/10

  • Lisa
    Lisa Hace 3 años +2018

    I hate when old dudes make movies with old dudes as the main characters and live out their fucked up fantasies of their daughter's best friend Mindy falling in love with them. Mindy is not interested. She never will be. Stay in your lane, gramps. Nice video, dude!

    • K.K.
      K.K. Hace 3 meses +2

      @__Kanra__ we tried to get Mindy into therapy but she says her yoga and weekly cry into a pint of halo top is enough

    • __Kanra__
      __Kanra__ Hace 3 meses +2

      ....except sometimes Mindy IS interested, and it's hell for the whole family...

    • K.K.
      K.K. Hace 3 meses +8

      @Johnny Blowtorch right but it’s creepy the same way a 30 something year old dating an 18 year old is creepy. Also, JLo is like 52 and she’s hot af so it’s not like there’s no attractive older women

    • Johnny Blowtorch
      Johnny Blowtorch Hace 3 meses +2

      Okay dude be honest. When you're 60 do you wanna date old wrinkly other 60 year olds? Probably not

    • FFKonoko
      FFKonoko Hace 3 meses

      @dj r I think they are, but I think mindy has some issues

  • ToastMusic
    ToastMusic Hace 6 meses +1

    The shout out at 14:26 to the Christmas mail film that you covered in your other video was killer!

  • hufsa
    hufsa Hace 8 meses +3

    i was watching your video as i sleep (i usually watch them while sleeping as it helps me) and i did not wake up at time and got to the uni 15 mins late. thank you drew for making me have such a deep sleep.

    • Zelacat
      Zelacat Hace 17 días +1

      you too??? meee

  • Lois Jade
    Lois Jade Hace 8 meses

    I know im late but i only just discovered Drew, this video made me laugh out loud so many time 🤣

  • MDBattleFrog
    MDBattleFrog Hace un mes +1

    I feel this does Lundgren dirty. Guy is pretty brilliant and a decent person.

  • Cassandra Suzanne
    Cassandra Suzanne Hace un año +1

    Dude that peanut-allergy-freakout is actually a thing now. I worked at a taekwondo school with mostly kids and I was asked MANY times if any of the snacks we sold had peanuts, and not one kid who asked had an allergy. I was told they weren't allowed to bring snacks to school if they had peanuts 🙄 one of them brought something up to inform me that it said it was made in a factory that processes peanuts, and he looked so alarmed.

  • Yelhsa Sokolova
    Yelhsa Sokolova Hace 2 meses +1

    I used to be a lunch monitor for an elementary school, and you'd be surprised at the amount of kindergarteners I had that would actually eat raw vegetables for lunch, no dip or anything. Just straight up lettuce. Straight up bell peppers. Straight up broccoli.

  • ThatOneSpnFan
    ThatOneSpnFan Hace un año +13

    I love that the wig from the Kim possible thing is still on the door behind him LMAO

  • Chris Harper
    Chris Harper Hace un mes +1

    Man, the sheer ton of makeup they have him in to try and convince you he did not just do a runner from the old folks home, makes him look like his face is melting every time even the barest amount of light hits it.

  • Hani Maisarah Ishak
    Hani Maisarah Ishak Hace un año +5983

    "Oh, you really are oldschool"
    That killed me lmao

    • mide
      mide Hace un año +44

      Rip i guess

  • LVBBoi
    LVBBoi Hace 7 meses +3

    Right at 15:51 my cat jumped up on the window behind me and I swear my heart stopped cuz I thought it was my mom .

  • Optimas Crime
    Optimas Crime Hace 8 meses +1

    Wow really Hollywood really😒.... I'm so glad ESclipsrs can review these awful movie's so I don't actually have to fully watch them....I say thank you fellow ESclipsrs😂

  • Hyrulistic
    Hyrulistic Hace un año +1

    There was actually already a Daddy Day Care sequel called Daddy Day Camp.
    The weirdest thing is that it's supposed to be the same characters... But they're played by different (slightly similar looking?) actors.
    It would have been so easy to just have new characters say "hey, remember reading in the news about those dads with a daycare? Let's do a day camp!"

  • Mark is bi Qwinn
    Mark is bi Qwinn Hace 2 meses +1

    I can see drew progressively lose his mind while watching this movie

  • Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim Hace 2 años +3894

    Fun fact: Dolph Lundgren not only speaks several languages, but also has a master in chemical engineering and was even awarded a full scholarship to MIT.

    • Scoot Aloo
      Scoot Aloo Hace 11 días

      He's also a terrible actor

    • stinkyfartboy69
      stinkyfartboy69 Hace un mes

      damn, i didn't think someone that wasn't a complete and utter waste of skin would be in this god awful movie

    • Pugkin5405
      Pugkin5405 Hace un mes +1

      @CruddyCircle How do you know he was desperate?

    • Shannihilator
      Shannihilator Hace 2 meses

      yet he decided to star in such classics as fat slags and in the name of the king 2 directed by ewe boll, what a waste of potential

    • Levi Tollefson
      Levi Tollefson Hace 3 meses +2

      He can also smell crime

  • Rated N for Nick
    Rated N for Nick Hace 13 días

    FUN FACT: “Super Hot Mom” in the credits was played by Lundgren’s then-girlfriend Jenny Sandersson.
    The more you know… you never asked for.

  • Nat the Christian
    Nat the Christian Hace 10 meses +6

    The opening monologue has such John Mulaney energy.

  • Shlagmite
    Shlagmite Hace un año +7

    Man, I would really like a sequel of this

  • Tine
    Tine Hace un año +5

    Fun fact, sugar doesn't make kids hyper ^^
    It's connected to it, bc sugary food and drinks (back then) were only, or at least mostly given to "events" like birthdays party's, and children are already hyper

  • weiwei
    weiwei Hace 2 años +18040

    Imagine he makes another video called “sequels that aren’t sequels 2” and just makes an entirely different vid

    • Genjinx
      Genjinx Hace 10 meses

      sequels that aren't sequels: THE SEQUEL

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Hace 10 meses

      dude its literally been 2 years, a sequel came out 2 years ago, let it go lmao

    • Ben Wilhite
      Ben Wilhite Hace 11 meses +1

      I'm pretty sure he's announced that "sequels that aren't sequels 2" is coming out in 2095 and will be starring Danny Gonzalez, not Drew Gooden.

    • sith lord
      sith lord Hace un año

      He should have Amanda do the whole video! 💖

    • sith lord
      sith lord Hace un año

      You are a GENIUS

  • Harrison Wills
    Harrison Wills Hace un año +7

    Everytime I see shite like this I have to remind myself that Dolph Lundgren is a certified genius with a Chemical Engineering degree and an IQ of 160

  • chimetimepaprika
    chimetimepaprika Hace un año +4

    Honestly, watching all these great shitty movies has become a hobby since THIS CONTENT.

  • eeaaasdd
    eeaaasdd Hace 2 meses +1

    Personally, as a fat nerd myself, the moment I put my first pair of glasses on my face I too immediately developed tourettes syndrome.

  • yaggy
    yaggy Hace un mes +1

    The whole movie gives off the vibe of this man very much being on something, it’s like watching chandler in the last couple seasons of friends.

  • Jewel :3
    Jewel :3 Hace 2 años +5249

    Drew’s goal: straight
    The obstacle: Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Sharpe
    Sharpe Hace un año +2

    My sister is a teacher and the “Little brats, sometimes I just wanna…” is real. She is a good teacher, but kids are evil sometimes.

  • The 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire

    Wasn't the love interest in Kindergarten cop a side story to the main story?
    Why was Dolph a Kindergarten teacher again?

  • Will Live
    Will Live Hace un año +1

    You know what the absolute worst thing about this movie is.
    Dolph lundgreen is actually a brilliant chemical engineer. Like he is actually super smart AF.
    He should honestly be doing scientific lectures at this age but he instead is doing dumb movies like this.

  • Tmegawool115
    Tmegawool115 Hace un año

    I feel so bad for Hal, collectors items are really expensive and Dolph just destroyed them

  • The Devs
    The Devs Hace 2 años +6568

    It feels like they wrote it for a hot young guy (like terry crews or chris hemsworth) but then couldn’t afford it so they just got Dolf and pretended that he wasn’t 200 years old.

    • anna ☆
      anna ☆ Hace 2 meses

      i love how u added examples LOL

    • Ren Hey
      Ren Hey Hace 2 meses

      @IamQuh Terry crews must eat very well if he looks so young at 52

    • Random Task N-Word
      Random Task N-Word Hace 3 meses +1

      bro terry is in great shape for being that old

    • FFKonoko
      FFKonoko Hace 3 meses +2

      Terry is old, but Terry doesn't LOOK old, which helps.
      But yeah, a Hemsworth or even an Alex pettyfer....Tom Hardy even, if he had the scheduling.

    • Justin Wood
      Justin Wood Hace 5 meses +1

      Should have been terry crews

  • kbeit
    kbeit Hace un año +10

    I really love to imagine the sponsors watching these videos

  • Katie K
    Katie K Hace un año

    As someone who watched grand daddy day care, let me tell you it’s really not that bad. I enjoyed it

  • Pa5an1
    Pa5an1 Hace 5 meses +1

    I love Dolph, but what the hell.
    Also I couldn’t help but picture him as a kindergarten teacher, watching some kid climb a tree and someone goes “omg, what if he falls?”
    And Dolph goes “if he dies, he dies”

  • J. Rob
    J. Rob Hace un año +1

    This reminds me of a baseball game I went to recently. There was a woman there who looked kinda nice but also looked too young for me. I'm in my 30s. Her boyfriend came and sat down next to her and he was gray and had crow's feet. He was definitely approaching 50

  • urmumshroom
    urmumshroom Hace 2 años +11660

    The age difference between them is even larger than the age between me and my parents.

    • mekl peckle
      mekl peckle Hace un mes

      @DannyDevito using timezones and shit, it might be possible to adopt a 17 year old while you're 18 but the 17 year old crosses the date line and you go back so technically you're 17 and your kid is 18

    • bear
      bear Hace un mes

      It's the exact difference between me and my mom

    • 👑Tara princess shabani👑
      👑Tara princess shabani👑 Hace 2 meses

      @DannyDevito what the

    • Steelers Nation
      Steelers Nation Hace 3 meses


    • Andrew Virtue
      Andrew Virtue Hace 3 meses

      when your dad was born in '52 but you were born in '94.

  • ComicalCoconut
    ComicalCoconut Hace un año +1

    “I don’t have feelings for Kristy North”
    This is destined to come up at least once in his movie reviews

  • Desmond Dolan
    Desmond Dolan Hace 2 meses

    Lundgren does look good for his age. If I had to guess, I would've said he was in his mid 40s-early 50s
    But if there was going to be a sequel, why not call it 1st Grade Cop? It's a sequel; it's supposed to be the next step!

  • Eliott Rodrigues-Medaglia

    My biological father had a 31yrs age difference with my mom so I find it hard to find the age difference disturbing, as long as the youngest is old enough (and definitely an ADULT ) to know what they want, they do them I guess 🤷‍♂️

  • SomebodyUnamed
    SomebodyUnamed Hace un mes

    this movie makes me so uncomfortable i don't want to watch the video, but drew's commentary makes it worth it.

  • J
    J Hace 3 años +15945

    Sequels that Aren’t Sequels:
    “Mean Girls 2.”

    • Danky Gongalis
      Danky Gongalis Hace 6 meses +1


    • Blackberry Jamboree ⭐️
      Blackberry Jamboree ⭐️ Hace 8 meses

      Men In Black: International

    • ツLavenderPi
      ツLavenderPi Hace un año

      We do not speak of ot

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley Hace un año

      @A raptor Wearing a hat I know your comment is old, but thinking that all the Final Fantasy games were connected is what stopped me from getting into the series, lol. I learned through Kingdom Hearts that I was wrong, got curious about Final Fantasy 7 first as I'd seen Cloud so much growing up, and realized I didn't have to play through, at the time, 13 different main games just to understand what Final Fantasy is.
      I still haven't branched out beyond FF7, 13 (first game onlyl and 15 though 😅. After the original FF7, I'm just not keen to play turn based combat again.

    • Gravitree
      Gravitree Hace un año +1

      That’s true but I still kind of enjoyed it lol

  • Yellow Fellow
    Yellow Fellow Hace 10 meses +2

    I swear, one of these days Hollywood is gonna come up with Citizen Kane 2: Dual Citizenship.

  • goodsirbear -
    goodsirbear - Hace un año +5

    I would just like to say Arnold turning around is technically stop motion

  • Aubryella Otero
    Aubryella Otero Hace 7 meses +1

    Imagine getting casted as “hot mom” but then two other women get hired as “super hot mom” and “smokin hot mom” like I’d feel a little inferior lmao

  • Morgan W
    Morgan W Hace un año +1

    It's almost like sequels take place... in a sequence

  • gloosey
    gloosey Hace 2 años +4357

    Just realised that the main guy looks like an ancient Jake Paul mixed with a squished Gordon Ramsey.

    • DatFatRat
      DatFatRat Hace un año

      And a bit of handsome squidward

    • Plenty Of Trick Shots
      Plenty Of Trick Shots Hace un año

      It’s everyone day bro’nt

    • Christie b
      Christie b Hace un año +4

      Except he is actually smart and talented. A martial arts master with a masters degree in chemical engineering.

    • Team DriveAlot
      Team DriveAlot Hace un año +5

      Dolph Lundgren is the actors name from sweden and what more yeah he is super smart to lol

    • Liv B
      Liv B Hace un año


  • dancing sunshine
    dancing sunshine Hace un año

    I wanna see this movie so bad now.
    Haven't laughed since the lockdowns started.

  • TheKedi1
    TheKedi1 Hace un año

    Let's take the time to appreciate that he bought a lie-sized cut out for this

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson Hace 6 meses

    "Middle aged men taking care of older men" could be the plot of an entirely different kind of movie